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I may update this a bit more because I'm probably forgetting a few things I've thought of before:

  • Separate forum for people selling accounts as the WTS thread is gets littered with account sales
  • Change dispel so that it dispels priest spells first and runes last (avoids inadvertently destroying  runes on items just to dispel priest casts)
  • Ability to plant kingdom flags on tile corners rather than having to manually place them on tile corners
  • Taming mechanics need an overhaul due to several undesirable outcomes
    • Hell horses and unicorns are not practical hunting mounts because they need to be tamed, draw aggro easily and die
    • Same goes for other animals that can be tamed, they are good to stick in a pen to look at but not very useful otherwise
    • Unicorns could be more useful for something but due to taming mechanics they are unsuitable even as a 2-person mount
  • Build rounded structures or parts of structures (e.g., medieval castles often had rounded towers; the closest wurm logic gets to this is paved corners) and pointed roofs
  • New wall type that combines jaw bridges and portcullises (the jaw bridge portion can be locked separately from the portcullis but both would appear on the same wall and use a single wall type)
  • Build floors with murder holes just like medieval castles had used in rooms separated by two portcullises to trap and kill enemies
  • Author books, guides and store them on bookshelves with the option to chain them to the bookshelves for security (just like the medieval chained library IRL; would require hardcover book binding made of oak and blacksmith to make the chain and lock to attach to the book)
  • Farming implements that can be used with animals to increase crop yields (e.g., ploughs, cultivatiors, etc.)
  • Frozen lakes in the winter with ability to use dogs, dog sleds, go ice fishing, etc.
  • Allow QL of bridles affect how well horses and wagons can be turned, WoA increases turn rate and rare bridles turn even better
  • Quenching container that can be used with water or oil (higher chance for successful action) to temper items for blacksmithing, WoA increases speed of tempering
  • Mortar made out of lime (new stone type) baked in a kiln to create quicklime (byproduct) that can then be mixed with sand and water, possibly using a wooden device with a wheel and turning handle to create mortar. The wooden device could be casted with WoA to speed up the process.
  • New rune to increase the age of foals so they can reach the age to be hitched a lot sooner (would only work/apply to foal stages)
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bump... added 10 new ideas

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