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Thanks Shrimpiie.




Archaeology > Restoration - I have noticed when combining fragments, I sometimes get a roll, but have no rare.  If this is normal then fine, but I would like the action queue to be stopped when one of the fragments being combined turns rare during the combine.  No point continuing to combine with the rare piece just because several combine actions are in the queue.  I'd like to step in at this point, and decide how to proceed (complete the rare item or hold it back for later), but I am never in time, the items keep combining and the rare piece apparently loses it's rarity.  It's happened a number of times.   


Continuing the action queue is fine for rares that have no bearing on the subsequent actions, but for combining a statue etc, it is pretty important that we get the opportunity to pull out that rare piece before we go any further.


Thanks :) 

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I haven't read through all this stuff yet, but a couple of things really annoy me.


1) Stamping Enchanted Grass just shouldn't be a thing. Stamping normal grass could be a thing, to encourage you to enchant it, but stamping Enchanted Grass is just plain annoying and serves no actual purpose. Although even normal grass stamping can be severely unsightly on a landscape; makes an area look plain ugly.


2) Can't we choose which enchants to remove from weapons?


So the order of enchants is usually this:


Demise (good because we can Dispel to turn a PvP weapon into one suitable for Legendary creatures (for example) at short notice).

Nimbleness (bad; I've never wanted to remove Nimbleness from a weapon).

Primary Enchant (Frostbrand, Life Transfer, Venom, for example).

Remaining Secondary Enchants (Circle of Cunning, Mindstealer).


An exception seems to be Essence Drain which is located between Circle of Cunning and Mindstealer. This is bad. Why would we ever want to remove Circle of Cunning in order to remove Essence Drain? Bear in mind your Nimbleness went already. And there may be more "exceptions" to the location of the Primary Enchant that I'm not aware of.


If recoding to enable specific enchant removal is difficult, then please make the order of enchants on weapons as follows:


Whatever Demise type.

Primary Enchant (Venom, Frostbrand, Flaming Aura, Life Transfer, Essence Drain, whatever; any and all Primary Enchants).

All remaining secondary enchants (Nimbleness, Circle of Cunning, Mindstealer).


This would enable us to change the Demise type and then any Primary Enchant without destroying the support casts (which should almost never if ever need removing).

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PS. Also get rid of "Create a Gold Altar" and "Cast a Global Spell" entries from the Benediction Journal entry for priests. Replace them with something less biased that all priests have a fair and equal chance to achieve.


Creating a gold altar is presumably going to favour crafters-turned-priest. Many toons would have priested before this Journal thing was set up, and will now be at a disadvantage through no fault of their own? How could they have predicted this? Yet they are now being penalized for it.


Casting global spells is probably going to favour certain types of priest on certain servers over others. I can't be specific about precisely who might benefit and who loses out, but just the fact that servers have different populations and some types of priest are more popular than others would imply that this situation is likely not balanced.


I'm not saying give priests an easy ride to Benediction. Substitute these entries with something harder if it seems appropriate. I'm just suggesting that the Journal goals ought to be balanced, and give all priests an equal and fair opportunity to achieve them.

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Not sure if mentioned but a good qol would be to not let us embark wagons/carts that are on a separate floor as it causes them to jump up to the floor you are at and can cause headaches to get them down/up again to the right floor

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