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Building a New Server (Eleven)

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Not sure if i post this in the right place, but i was thinking of making a good map, like Emerald Expansion. But the problems that i dont have much experience of setting it up, etc. I can do basic as adventure or creative map, that just about it. On wiki, noticed you will need to make a GM for support, so i havent figure it out yet. But i am a quick learner, shouldnt be a problem for me to learn Java, etc. After what i heard about using the map editor, will need to learn how Java work.


So i was thinking of making a new map and eleven community. But the problems is that it will need new model textures in vary building, etc. Even player model will have to have pointed ears as well. 1handed spear, etc too. But having both humans and elves in there, as long the map is big enough, would be interesting. Also how they react to avoid conflict with each others. Mix them both up, all players will ended up with pointed ears, human players will not like that at all. So that part probably hard coded.


Wasnt sure if this even possible or have anyone tried it. Anyone interesting getting into something like this???

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