Wierd Jackal Issues

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Just a few minor issues to throw out there:


Toolbelt slots are shared between Jackal and freedom. After I finally made a worthwhile one over there I reset my normal tools and came back to Xanadu with empty toolbelts. Presumably this would also apply to hotkeys and skill trackers. I know there's ways in the client to toggle different sets but I had no reason to think I would have to save old copies.


Titles. I accidentally completed some journal segments on jackal. Didn't think much of it at the time, just some extra sleep bonus, but upon returning to Xanadu, I don't have that title now even though it shows the journal segment completed.


Both of these issues are exacerbated by the extended stay on jackal because transport time back to the lodestone. If I had been able to return more normally some of this would have been caught earlier.... I really think Freedom Beacons should be able to take you back, it being in the name and all. Jackal Lodestone > Jackal and Freedom Beacon > Freedom.

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Journal titles will be changed to have titles transfer at some point in the future, so no worries there. 


As for the toolbelt, hotkeys and skill trackers, this is because that's all client sided, not server sided. You can see your toolbelt configurations in wurm\players\Playername\playersettings.txt 

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Posted (edited)

Any further news on the title issue?


Edit: Thank you, this has been fixed now.

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