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Jackal Weapon/Armor/Whatever Skin Previews!

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Crud, I need to edit this and be more eloquent in my explanation.  You guys are doing a lot with Jackal, I understand that.  However, skins like the first one you put up have brought up questions of what it's going to look like, especially with the 200 Jackal Point price tag.  We'd like to see what we're getting.  It's important when purchasing any item like that to know what you're getting.  This is uncharted territory, we have no idea what a cleaver will look like in the context of this skin, and how it will look in relation to our character.   Even after this, with future items, we should know what they look like, but you can make a game out of teasing us up to its release.   The biggest thing is that we know what it is when it comes out and what it will look like before we spend points on it.   It's not easy gathering points as is.   It'd be nice to have something like a preview system, or even showing pictures of characters using the skin to give us a good idea of what we're going to be getting.  Preview system would be most ideal, because it would let us get a personal look at the item and see it for ourselves.  Then again, that might be more difficult so I can understand more easier alternatives.  Just as long as we get that end result.  


I want to have faith in the Jackal shop.  I want to feel confident when there's a skin that sounds amazing that I am positive that it 'will' be amazing because I saw what it looked like for myself.   :)  Thank you.  I hope to hear from you.

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Better explanation.

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