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Why should we visit your island? (Writing prompt)

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I came up with this idea due to the innate desire to get to know and understand each of the Freedom cluster of islands.   So, I want to challenge those who have that itch to prove themselves to try and sell us on why we should visit or even live on that part of Freedom.   You can make it into a tourism pamphlet, or just express the wonders and details that you've experienced in person living there.   The most important thing for me is that I want you to really give me your best shot at showing your love for your server, and the reasons why someone should be there instead of somewhere else.  It'd be awesome to get the best picks of each server, and make a little brochure for those that have never played Wurm, allow them a taste of each server and let them know what's there for them.  Bonus points if you can throw together something for the more scarier areas like Jackal, Epic, and Chaos.  :) Good luck, my friends.

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