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AWS Status Update - Test Servers in AWS!

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So what have I been up to people may be wondering?

  • More tweaks to server security.
  • MRTG and NGINX (web server) working by default (so we can see stats and all the juicy information people love!) - Oh and it's all behind HTTPS now :)
  • Automated user management for each deployment.
  • Work started on the server monitor
  • Work started on allowing us to profile servers as-needed

We're fast approaching the end of the work needed to stand up a server in AWS that has all the same features as what we have in live.


Also, a little terminology!


What is a deployment? When working with AWS, I was originally using 'cluster', but I realized the confusion since we have 'epic' and 'freedom' clusters. Technically both of those are 'live' clusters, so it wouldn't make sense to use the term cluster. Instead I've opted to use the term 'deployment' and refer to our test cluster as 'dev' and our soon to be live cluster as 'live'. So if you see me talk about deployments, that's what it means.


What is an instance? An instance is the root host machine that we create in AWS. One instance can potentially host several game servers, depending on the configuration we apply to them. Each game server runs in a container and is separate from each other.


So what is a game server? Think of Celebration or Deliverance. It's the collection of game data and configurations needed to run a Wurm server.


Okay, okay. So what is a container? Containers are smaller than an instance and only run what is needed to provide a base operating system to whatever application is running inside them. They help separate applications from each other. The instance mentioned above is the host and each host can run many containers, each with a different purpose. In our case we run containers for Wurm, MySQL database, and the Nginx web server for each game server.


So picture the cloud as the ocean, an instance is a boat on the ocean, and a container is a crate. Your boat is in the ocean with many crates loaded in it and each crate is holding something specific. :) (Unless your boat is a sail boat, then this analogy falls right apart.)

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