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New World 4096x4096

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Here is my first attempt at creating a map (4096x4096). Would like any constructive criticism anyone might have. Would like to get better at making these. I did go a bit tree heavy but the concept for this map is a new unclaimed land. Have a small spawn village (540, 320) area. Trying to get more of a survival server going. Cold winters, possible getting sick from none well water. Delivery routes for money. A few other mods i'm not sure if I can get working yet.






Iron: 1.5

Gold: 0.1

Silver: 0.2

Zinc: 0.2

Copper: 0.3

Lead: 0.3

Tin: 0.3

Marble: 0.5

Slate: 0.5

Sandstone: 0.5

Rocksalt: 0.5

No Moon metals






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looks good. If you wanted to go a bit further you could choose a smaller brush size and go along the coasts putting in some more detail.

Not sure if im seeing it right but is it about 90% trees? That might be ok on one of the islands but players might get quite quickly bored if they have to clear a crap load of trees every time they want to build something

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