Selling 5 Speed Horses of all colors, Delivery Included

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Your friendly local Cele-beastie breeder,

in conjunction with

Port Benden Alliance


~~~All the Pretty Horses~~~



Selling perfect 5 speed horses of all colors.  Also, I do not sell anything older than Aged horse, unless it's cleared with the buyer.  Please feel free to PM Atheline in-game, or send me a message here on the forums, for whatever color/gender combinations that you desire.   I can also do custom breeding upon request.


Unlike most other breeders, I personally offer FREE DELIVERY of 4 horses at a time to any coastal Freedom location, provided that your sale amount totals at least 2s. If the total is less than that, I round up to 2s to cover my time.  Need to keep the cages that the horses come with? No problem, just add 25c per cage to the total.



Price List:

*New color horses (skewbald pinto, black-silver, appaloosa, chestnut, gold buckskin): 1s ea.

*Jet horses: 50c ea.

* Oldest colors (grey, white, gold, black, brown), blood bay and piebald:  25c ea.

*70+ql horseshoes enchanted w/ WoA: 50c ea.

*Creature cages (50+ql cages with lock and key):  25c ea.

*Creature transporter (50+ql empty with lock and key): 50c ea.

*other equips:  tba.










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Bump!  Keep in mind:   I deliver horses almost anywhere, for free.   Most merchants will not deliver horses...



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Removing and re-purposing the merchant NPC due to inactivity at self-service pens.  Still selling and delivering horses, just send me a message.  Thanks!

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I live at E19 (Dunlap Hill) with Phoenixus now. In any case, I'm working on some herds and things would go a lot faster if I could kickstart it. I am looking for the following...

  • First delivery (2s):
    • 3x pure 5-speed ebony horses (two male & one female) without any other traits
    • 1x pure 5-speed blood bay horse (female) without any other traits
  • Second delivery (4.5s):
    • 1x pure 5-speed buckskin (female) without any other traits
    • 2x pure 5-speed chestnut (one male & one female) without any other traits
  • Order total: 6.5s

Let me know based on your stock if you can fill this order.


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i would take 1 black/silver horse (Male) and 2 jet black horses (Female)

My deed is Ab Inferis on Release (T14, in the bay)

pls inform me ingame (TheDesmon) when you have the horses.


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Hello there to everyone!  I am soooo sorry to get back this late for you guys, but the last 6 weeks has been.. well, pretty damned difficult personally, for myself and my family.   Also, I didn't realize that there was suddenly such a demand for new horses.  I have restarted major breeding procedures this past week.  Feel free to send me a PM in-game to check what is available, and to make any specific requests.  Thanks and have a blessed Holidays!!




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