Looking for a place to start a deed? Want a free guard tower? Here's a suggestion

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When I went out looking for somewhere to start my own deed, I looked at the Xanadu map (


One of the things I looked for was an area that did not have terraforming, as there might be a deed already, and I did not want to run all that way for nothing.


Having settled down, there is a spot near me I just want to draw attention to. It is a good place for a hermit like me, or a small village to settle down.


There is already a guard tower built there, and the previous deed was disbanded long ago.


So, if you are looking for somewhere to settle down, I would suggest the following spot:





There is a bit of cleaning up to do in terms of critters, but hey, there is a free guard tower :)


And yes, there are plenty of other places to settle down, I just wanted to point out a spot for someone that might be relatively new to the game, and looking for a place to stay.


How to get there:

Resting Patch is hooked up to the highway network, so you can go there, and then just follow the coast line.

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Pretty nice location. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted (edited)

Sure is a nice area. There have been a number of deeds on that spot over the years, and still a few along that coast (if one of those is yours Biofryd, welcome to the area).


Should be plenty of mobs, being northern Xanadu, so you will never be short of meat to put on the table.


While currently there is no highway access, there are some possible routes...

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I am the Mayor of Resting Patch.  I would be happy to help make a road along the coast to the spot if someone wanted to move there.

Would even be happy to help set up so the mobs leave you alone whilst you design your area.

Oh and when I say mobs I mean mobs.  There is no shortage here at all.


I also have a spot on the north coast just to the left of the tunnel.  It has some buildings which I hold the writs to and a dock with a Vyn Collosus I would be happy to hand over :)

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