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Fortress of Death (Cele) is now open to new recruits!

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Looking for a place to rest your head and wash the blood off your armor? Looking for a temporary residence while you learn the way of the Wurm? Looking for a dedicated (and probably insane) group to call your friends? Do you just want to learn the way of the samurai? Maybe you just want to hug trees and plant flowers?


If you answered yes to any of the above then Fortress of Death is the village for you!

*Disclaimer: if you answered yes to the last one we will laugh at you for several days


What do we have?

that answer is easy... 200+ 1x1 cells with bsbs full of rockshards so you can make bricks!


or maybe not... you'll never know until you get here!! Kidding aside, there is no requirements to join us or stay with us

We do have a barracks for 'Fresh Meat' (newest members) and plots for permanent villagers to build on!

fully stocked warehouse with lots of... junk that you can make various doohickeys and thing-a-ma-jigs with!

a dock with lots of.... seals (and maybe a boat or twenty)

the usual bs: archery targets and horses and cart parking lots and some fields to grow useless garbage in

the important stuff: 



~ we keep dangerous creatures onsite to train shields / taming 

~ island deed so fairly safe from random mobs for very new players trying to skill up (access to Cele main land without boat)

~ few minutes from steppe and desert for all the good times

~ On highway system so you can find routes to other villages (or home)

~ active village / alliance community to help you learn the ways of the wurm!

~ village priests for summoning lost souls and enchanting poking sticks and armor

~ village projects (we occasionally do small to mid-sized orders of random wurm-crap and split the spoils)

~ village events - hunting parties, adventures to complete valrei missions, some seasonal events held within the village walls, and lots of random sparring matches for trills!

~ village crafters who can improve just about anything... if they want to...

~ Chest of Doom! enough said....

~ Free.... wagon? sure why not!

~ Membership in our.... clan? is for lyfe! so even if you move to another server and/or make your own village your always welcome to come by for our village events or just to... horse around?

~ Discord... cuz why not everyone's doing it

~ and other stuff





Our village is located on O18 Celebration (the island that's almost... kinda connected to the mainland)

If your still interested in joining us then send me a message ingame: Reaping or join us on discord:


Current available barracks rooms: 3


thanks for visiting our village recruitment board :)


❤️ Reaping

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On 11/4/2019 at 11:43 AM, RavenLure said:

Your Discord Id cannot be found.


fixed, sorry about that

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12 hours ago, Zarame said:

Maybe i send my alt Goldie to spy on you 😛 (zerkael here)


sure i have a 1x1 pen for you to live in, but you only get moldy meat to eat :P

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On 2/14/2020 at 5:58 PM, Evilreaper said:


sure i have a 1x1 pen for you to live in, but you only get moldy meat to eat :P

plenty of starter rooms available in our barracks, perfect for new players starting out just wanting to learn how to wurm (only animals are forced to live in pens and eat moldy leftovers)


whether your looking for a temporary living situation while you explore and find your own piece of paradise or maybe just a place to plant your roots while you achieve that master title in your favorite trade, we are here to help.

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bump for fresh meat! join us, dine with us, die with us? sure why not

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