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personal merchants

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Some ideas some have been said in the past. This is more of a decoration option for villages to incorporate personal merchants to the deed look.


1. cloths on merchant (giving them a different look)

2. Equip items weapons/ other items example shovel, fork, ext.

3 ability to change the look of the face.

4. allow the option to have them sit in a chair you've created.

5. have them speak like the wagoner in local general chat, also maybe what they have have to sell.

6. let them walk around from stall to stall. (max X tiles from planted)

7. have them be able to fight like a guard or temper. (they are very weak. Equipment would buff this.)

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+1 please for the love of god let me spam local with the names of the things I put on this abomination.

[20:43:49] <Armyskin> [20:43:44] You point at the Pants are optional.

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