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Would there be any plans for paint fluid?


I ask because dye applied to walls only acts as an RGB filter. For example red dye on a wall (roughly RGB 228 27 27 for vivid dye) works really well on most textures as it'll filter out most green and blue, but if you apply white dye (RGB 227 227 227 for vivid dye) onto a wall it doesn't make it white unless the texture already is white. What happens is the original texture just gets a little bit darker. (If you were so hackingly acquire dye of RGB 255 255 255 the texture would look completely unaltered.)


Therefore I'd like to suggest being able to make paint fluids if this isn't already in the works. It could be made by taking dye fluid and mixing it with a thickening agent such as olive oil, or even lead to make those poisonous lead based paints.


The goal would be so I can have vivid white stripes for my lighthouse brick walls. :)

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I've always liked the idea of doing this with a variable transparency/opacity variable in addition to R, G, and B.

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