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Building taking unexpected damage

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Since I falsely posted this in the wrong forum section, here it is once more..
I currently have a problem with some walls of my house, which have taken damage for no apparent reason. One wall has completely disappeared, the other one has taken more than 70 damage.
The house(called "The Haus") is on a deed(Riviera Refuge, Release) with plenty of upkeep and it's the property of an active premium char(Kekstier). Only two walls have taken damage, the others are still where they were before I last logged in, damagewise.
All walls were fine the last time I logged in, which was about two or three weeks ago. The only two chars with build permissions are under my control. 


22 hours ago, kekstier said:

Yes, there's a bridge just next to the wall that was destroyed. Plenty of upkeep means more than 30 days, yes(80-ish, as of right now. Has been above 30 days for ages now).
Quality of all walls is around 63, though most of the walls have around 0,5dmg because I've been lazy with paying upkeep in the past. The weird thing is, if a troll got trapped in my house, it wouldn't have been able to leave through the destroyed wall, as there's the bridge right next to it. Also, the destroyed wall shouldn't be within reach for anyone from the outside. Will file a ticket now.





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