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Epic Portals 10c Each Use

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This thread is clearly to troll, I will just leave this here and hope some maturity comes from the OP in the future.


Definition: Inflammatory or off-topic messages intended to provoke other members into a desired emotional response or to otherwise disrupt the topic.

A ) You may not post with the intention of negatively provoking other members.

 - If you must leave criticism, consider your post carefully and word it constructively.

B ) You may not disrupt any thread.
C ) You may not defame or discredit Code Club AB, its products, developers, or Wurm Online team members.


Also breaking this rule as well in many of your posts.


A ) You must use English when posting in the forum. If you cannot use English, we suggest the use of a translator.

  - You may use your own language in the recruitment thread(s), provided that there is an English translation in the original post.


Hope this helps,





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As further interest is being expressed on this topic I will point out something overlooked by all but Drastox early on. That being all these funds collected and distributed to deeds (say on a monthly basis) would then be available for other players to attempt to steal from those deeds. In turn the accumulation of coins being a prime factor of pvp players motivations it would in turn again turn up more players on the various Epic servers in search of these turned up coins with which to line their pockets. The problem here being when you enter into the dimensions of preconceived notions then only the trees are seen rather than the forest in which they are dwelling. Maybe the thought here is that I am referring to turnips but this post is really about u not i, so just adjust that spelling accordingly and you will have your answer!?️‍♂️



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