Huge Shod Clubs - Huge Damage To Walls

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I just found out how huge shod clubs deal huge damage against walls.


In a previous post, I compared the destructive power of various tools against walls, as per below:


Average Damage Per Round

0.043228712 = Longsword (starter kit)

0.006955422 = Hatchet (starter kit)

0.006934620 = Pickaxe (starter kit)

0.003663440 = Maul - large

0.003342346 = Hammer

0.003171074 = Maul

0.001977098 = Maul - small

0.001854548 = Shovel (starter kit)

0.001614268 = Carving knife (starter kit)


I then imped the maul and pickaxe for a fairer comparison, with the following damage results:


0.07803006 = Maul - large (QL14)

0.01594900 = Pickaxe (QL14)


Well, I just now killed a venerable hardened troll (huge guy, with the help of my settlement guard, my main and my alt all on him at once).  I then used his huge shod club (QL 45) on some stone walls (QL 93) with the following damage results:


Damage Per Round ... Total Damage

Start            ...   0.48
11.805945 ... 12.285945
07.890971 ... 20.176916
11.806639 ... 31.983555
08.153499 ... 40.137054
07.828596 ... 47.965650
10.684718 ... 58.650368
09.776732 ... 68.427100
08.340974 ... 76.768074
11.852766 ... 88.620840
11.150530 ... 99.771370

It took only 11 rounds to completely destroy a wall panel.  By comparison, the QL14 large maul above would have taken some 1,281 rounds!  Holy smokes!


So if you come across a troll, get his club and keep it for future use.  It'll come in real handy.


PS... Interesting development...


I just tried it on another building with walls of QL95 (just 2 points higher than the first set of walls), but with drastically lower damage averaging from 0.10 to 0.20 per round, which is about 2% of the amount of damage done to the QL93 walls.  I'm not sure if this is because the club now has more than 10 points of damage to it, or because the walls' QL is 2 points higher.  Or maybe a dev read my post and decided to recalibrate the destructive power of clubs.  Whatever the cause, the number of total rounds to take down a wall has now jumped from around 11 to around 750.  Wow!



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you can't compare 14ql tools to a 45ql tool.  imp your large maul to 45ql then look again. it also sounds like at first you bashed an on deed wall then the second you bashed off deed, on deed walls get a bonus if you have bash permissions

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Ah, that's it.  Good to know, thanks.  Yes, the first was on my deed and the second was on my alt's deed, so off deed to the basher but with ownership of the building.


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Mayors have bonus to bashing also.

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Does strength also impact the amount of damage done?  I don't remember anymore.


I personally find an imped up huge maul to be my tool of choice.  Talk someone into imping one to 80 for you.  That same on-deed wall might go down in 1-2 hits.

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