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Stacking over 100 dirt in a pile

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# What happened

I've been terraforming and dropping the dirt gave me a pile over 100 and I could keep adding to it.
# What you expected to happen

To start a new pile after it hit 100.
# Steps to reproduce 
Make a stack of 100 dirt, stand on the same tile and drop more dirt 'to pile' and it will drop on the same pile.


A few conditions I think are required,


1. The dirt you are dropping to pile has to be few enough that it wouldn't create it's own pile, but would drop as a few individual dirt (this tended to work with stacks of 2-3 dirt dropping to pile).

2. You need to stand towards another tile border, but not so close that all of the dirt drops onto the other tile

3. If it says there's too many items, move a little closer to the other tile and try again.

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You can use the drop->Place to go above 100 with any item that goes into a pile.

Was crafting bricks and putting in piles around me. Tried making a new pile by using drop->place to make a new pile on another tile. items vanished. After trying to find where my items went I noticed that I had created a pile of ~120 items.

I tested with any item I had available that goes into pile and I was able to use this to go above 100 items.

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