HOTA zone creating too many pillars

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A common problem with the HOTA zone is that if a session had started and the server got shut down the whole thing bugged out when the server starts again, in that only the 3 initial pillars are present. (No more spawn after conquering the initial pillars.) To fix this an arch GM had to delete and re-create the HOTA zone. -- If this happens to you I wrote instructions on how to fix this here:


However now since 1.9x it's somewhat the opposite. On the plus side a server restart no longer requires the HOTA zone to be recreated, however it appears that all 12 pillars are created right away. -- Part of my HOTA zone consists of a bit of plain, wine bushes, and moss so you do see quite a bit around, and from here I can easily spot 5 pillars before I've even conquered one. Roaming about some more I soon enough found the other 7.

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This seems to have resolved itself, partially, kind of.


After completing a HOTA I looked around for all remaining pillars and manually destroyed them using my ebony wand. Though they were still there they did get deleted from the database (not found when attempting to examine), and disappeared completely after a server restart. I've not noticed too many pillars being created since then.


Perhaps 1.9 had a fix for pillars not appearing properly beyond the original 3 and these were left over from a 1.8 database?

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