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Cow Imposter Must Be Slain

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Troll King Slaying



You've heard of wolf in sheep's clothing, well local villagers have been complaining of missing milk and cheese shortage.  One day upon thinking I found the lost cow of ST. Angus de Bovine, I was rudely clubbed in the face when trying to milk it.  We have a menace on our hands that is not ping for once, but instead a surly troll king that needs putting down.


All are invited to the slaying to free the land of this monstrosity, as well collect its blood.  Bone, skull, and corps n bits will be publicly rolled as well. 

Location is close enough to coastline to park boats of alts as well to stock up on ointments of stonecutting.


Location is Exodus O8 on ingame map







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".....and we had salad"  with our fried troll brains.  Little did I realize at the time the fried brains are an aphrodisiac for raging spiders.

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