Saphira ~ 1x / 1x Modded PVE ~ Brand New

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A brand new fresh land waiting to be explored! Saphira is a slow paced PVE server with a large array of comfort server-side mods. It has many large lakes throughout the map and numerous snow capped mountains. The server is run and owned by several experienced wurm players who are collectively using our knowledge to create this world. As long as rules are obeyed anyone is welcome to join us there!




Server Specifics

  • PVE
  • Freedom Isles
  • 1x skill 1x action.
  • 4096x4096 custom map
  • 40k creatures (60% aggressive) Will be adjusted if required
  • Skills start at 1. Char stats start at 20. Fighting at 10.
  • Praying & meditating is once per hour.



  • Spellmod (unlimited prayers every hour & no priest restrictions).
  • Harvest helper (/seasons command to see what is in season).
  • Creature age mod (young creatures mature faster).
  • Server map (map shows actual ingame map).
  • Inbreed warning (warning when breeding animals who are related).
  • Hitching post (a craftable post you can hitch creatures too).
  • Crop mod (disables crop rot).
  • Hots fixes (allows Libilia priests).
  • Better digging (digs to ground and when mounted straight into your crates in your cart).
  • Better farming (ability to farm multiple tiles at once).
  • Increase merchant items (personal merchants can hold and sell more).
  • Server tweaks (disabled sermons, all players added to cahelp and other small adjustments).
  • Starter gear (quality of starter gear reduced to 10).
  • Timer fix (praying, meditating, destroying, foraging, sowing, breeding and sacrifcing are faster actions).
  • Meditating fix (half time on question delay. after 20 skill can med every hour. No more failing to relax or needing to move).
  • Sacrifice mod (1/100 chance or getting a bone when sacrificing a rare).
  • Salve mod (healing covers show their strength).
  • Bounties (kill creatures to earn money).
  • Fire burn time (forges and ovens when examined will give a timer until they go out).
  • Hitching limits (all creatures can be hitched regardless of age. creatures that untame will not unhitch either. aggressive creatures will be passive when hitched).
  • Loot tables (extra loot for certain mobs).
  • Treasure hunting (treasure chests that yield rewards when found and dug up using maps).
  • Discord Relay (discord and ingame chat is connected).
  • Tabard Mod (can make and wear any kingdom tabard).
  • Add Kingdom Items (can craft any kingdom items).
  • Spellcraft (addition of new spells).



  • There will be no botting, macroing or hacks allowed whether you are afk or not.
  • Client mods that are publicly available are welcome to be used.
  • There will be no griefing, trolling or harassment of either players or staff.
  • Exploits and bugs should be reported immediately if found.
  • Do not advertise other servers.
  • Do not link pornographic or any other NSFW material in discord or in-game.
  • Please use the appropriate channels or /support to contact staff rather then messaging them directly.
  • All uniques must be killed in a public slaying. Whoever finds or pens a unique may organise a slaying event. A minimum of 48 hours warning of the slaying is required.




As a group these were some of the focuses and reasons why we have setup Saphira this way:


The slow action speeds and skill gain we selected to create more of a community between players. No single player will be able to do all the skills on their own forcing team play and trading. We feel as though the slowest servers are the ones with the thriving economies. We also want this server to last and have a longativity to it. Some players who cap their skills early tend to move on from our experiences.


We aim to have minimal GM intervention. Our GM toons will only be there for answering support tickets and most tickets will likely be solved without needing GM assistance. If you get your cave entrance wrong do not except a GM to come running with concrete or a free strongwall. There will not be portals or giant pre-made roads across the map. There will not even be a market place, these are all things the players can do themselves. Even down to the server events, a gm waving a wand is not required to build boats for a boat race. Or to pen a unique for a slaying. The only exception to this rule is a small starter town located in the centre of the map which contains a small inn, some training dummies and a very basic public mine.


As a group we plan on making the server as balanced as we can. No large amounts of moonmetal or rift materials available these items will be rare treasures. No easy to gain valrei items and sorcery either.



Saphira Discord Server: https://discord.gg/uKYQyZC

Map Link: Click Here

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Server is now open! Come join us as we make our mallets and first tool sets. Just search for Saphira in the search tab on the launcher if you need to find us :)

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if you want a challenging start, def the server you should choose

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Saphira first weekend has been alot of fun and there have been many deaths! Very soon we are likely to see the first deeds start going down.


A lot of players right now are looking for others to team up with to help them during the difficult start on this brand new server, it's the perfect time to join and find some friends to play with :)

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Great server to start fresh with a challenge! Come join us!

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A good crowd of regulars, and a community that's happy to help you with your challenging start. Come have fun with us!

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