Jolly Rogue Monastery BL/WL Sermons

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Jolly Rogue BL/WL Sermons

(Reopening Jan 19 2020) 

after the Blackmoore impalong






My name is Leander,

It would be my pleasure to invite all priest to join my alts at my Monastery for a bimonthly Sermon Circle, the schedule is available below.  My deed is named Jolly Rogue, and it is located on Xanadu at S15 (Summons are available upon request).  On the community map the coordinates are 3521, -7123 (Jolly Rouge Retreat).



where I'm at



in game map


Xanadu map from the fourm




Sermons can be held every 31 minutes by a different priest in a queue list explained below.  I have alters ready built and waiting to be finished with the addition of a bowl, that can be found in a box right by the gate to the sermon yard, there are two alters that need to be finished Nathan, and Gary.

When done with your sermon update the queue in the local chat with the "/me chat command", in addition, post your faith gain with the "/me chat command."

The "/me" gives you yellow text so it's easy to find.

Example: [02:14:11]Leonder [02:13:35] Faith increased by 0.0459 to 68.5993

                             [02:15:13] Leonder WL @44  free free Dahlia free Khalifa free leonder  WL

           (ALWAYS be sure to post your name at the end of the queue.)

 the at symbol is the Minutes on the hour of when to do the next sermon.

  WL= White Light    BL=Black Light 

if on the Late night slow queue (fewer than 3) the queue will be almost the same just post next queue free time

Example: [2:34:44] Leonder WL @06 FREE FREE Leonder WL 


For a preacher to gain faith from preaching, you need at least  6 valid listeners.

Sermons reset the prayer counter for the preacher if 6 valid listeners attended.

Because of the 30 min alignment cool-down, sermons should fire off every 30 min, but never less than 30 since the previous.

Every time a priest preaches, his max prayers for the day gets reset and he can pray another 5 times (every 20 min) for faith ticks.

Cool-down is between your sermon is 3 hours. so have something to do it that time (and pray).

More info on https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sermon#Sermons


 The Rules

see the village message board by the monastery door in-game as well 

  1. Have fun be friendly.
  2. No sacrificing or Listening to confessions.
  3. If you log out while in the sermon queue for longer than 20 minutes you will lose your spot in the queue line and will have to wait for the next free spot.
  4. If you are afk and it is your turn to sermon someone will pm you to remind you after that the queue will wait for no longer than 5 minutes before moving on to the next person you will lose your spot in the queue and will be put to the end.
  5. if there is any question about the queue or you have any doubts pm Leonder or anyone not AFK at the time. (probably last person to update the queue)
  6. if you have recently come back or logged on DO NOT assume you will be next to preach.  Look for the queue in local chat then ask if you may be added to any "free" spot or the end of the queue.  once confirmed by the other attendees update the queue yourself with a queue correction with your name in the free spot or at the end.  DON'T expect others to do it for you.
  7. Monastery Dress Code is No heavy helms, shields, or weapons equipped while on monastery grounds, wearing armor to help channeling skill gains is ok.                                                                                                                                                                                                        (this is a place of peace, and I like to see people get into the role-playing spirit it just makes the event more fun.) 
  8. No animals allowed inside the monastery yard. (they can be parked in the graveyard attached to the building.)
  9. Keep up on your CCFP nutrition and hydration. (to keep from getting sick.) there are CCFP meals in the larder DO NOT take them ONLY eat, please.
  10. DO NOT stack on people, in other words, Keep some distance between you and other people, please. 


Things to do while not Preaching


  • Beds:   In the monastery in each room, you will find a wardrobe and a large chest to use if you wish I will attach a lock to them and allow you perms on the item to make sure your things are secure while your visiting.
  • Meditation:   There is a love tile on the raised area behind the monastery, a knowledge tile in the sand not far from that. (i am currently looking for the insanity tile)
  • Crafting:   I have a spot for crafting anything, as well as raw materials to do so.
  • Cooking:  cooking is very important, and is encouraged. (however, I do try to keep the larder filled with free ccfp food and fillers mostly provided by donations.)
  • Farming:   you're welcome to farm any of the upper fields on Jolly Rogue if you wish. 
  • Casting:  there are BSBs and Spirit houses to practice casting dirt and courier. there is a station with things for mend casting and a couple of boxes with free creation ql items that can be for other types of casting.


The Monastery









below is the token house




Discord Server




Be sure to follow this post to keep up to date, and if there are any changes.



  I will be staffing the Blackmoor impalong so i have decided to lump my sermons into that to end the year.


The blue boxes are for my pirate festival impalong. (more info to come soon.)



Donations are completely voluntary I'm not doing this for profit, however, they do help me provide you a facility for activities like this.  anything can be donated, coin, raw materials, crafted items, and skills are the most valuable. 

Donating coin can be placed in the small bag on top of the coffer by the monastery door, or directly deposited into the settlement upkeep at the token. (this is what the coin will be used for anyway.)

If you donate a large amount of something or a high ql something will receive an "Elder" benefactors credit here and at the monastery in-game, and a small token of gratitude. 



Thank you to the following people



Elder Aroma                    Donated time, food, and many other things too numerous to count

Elder Azaeldaman         Donated 1200+ mortar crafted by Helica (priest alt) on site

Elder Noelani                  Donated 2 silver to the monastery coffer

Elder Darkdruid              Donated 1k+ stone bricks made on site






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I will be headed in the next few hours this direction!

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as u wish

21 minutes ago, LumpyGravy said:

Time to restart this!



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What time zone(s) will the sermon group be running in?

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10 minutes ago, Block said:

What time zone(s) will the sermon group be running in?

 us eastern/ central, but I will have people there idling 24/7 

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sorry , fell asleep last night before i made it there.... Anyone awake for a summon?

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+1 for the well written post.


I can invest a premium toon, to help you guys get the count, can have it logged in almost always. ETA of approach. 20.08 around 9 PM eu time


Jimbean o/

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