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Steppe spreads onto grass

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I present two images of a steppe / grass boundary on my server, generated by our livemap, approximately 3 months apart.


Three Months Ago - KZ67CX6.png


Recently - p75Xf6z.png


When I initially discussed this with others, it was believed that this was the result of animals packing grass and steppe tiles, and, as a result, allowing steppe to spread onto the grass when it packs and then un-packs.

However, if this were the phenomena occurring, we would expect grass to be spreading onto packed former-steppe as well. By close observation of the maps, we can see that the only change that is occurring at this boundary is the spread of steppe onto grass tiles. Apart from 3 tiles located adjacent to the road that were changed as as a result of player action in constructing the road, all changes between steppe and grass have been from grass to steppe.

I can think of no explanation for these observations other than that, as current mechanics are, steppe will spread onto grass over time albeit very slowly. Further, I do not believe this is intentional, and hence this spread is a bug.

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