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Instant death when logging in

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Upon logging in yesterday I instantly died, circumstances and conditions are as follows:


Logged off as commander in my Knarr in a cave, checked event logs to confirm I did indeed embark as commander, and not as passenger, (relevant extract below).

Upon logging in next day I got a very brief view of the knarr, as if I were looking through the walls at it, followed by death popup. red tunnel.

I had some issues finding my corpse, which was not in the cave, and did not appear on the surface above the tile I logged out on, I did find it in the end, displaced 3 tiles away from my log off position, above ground, but obscured by trees/bushes.


[17:01:17] You board on the "Demented but Determined" as the captain.
[17:01:17] The "Demented but Determined" is currently moored and won't move.
Logging started 2019-03-21
[15:27:13] You will now fight normally.
[15:27:14] You will now fight normally.
[15:27:14] Welcome back, Zenity! Wurm has been waiting for you.
[15:27:16] You enter Freedom Isles.
[15:27:16] You feel the presence of Vynora.
[15:27:16] 35 other players are online. You are on Independence (254 totally in Wurm).
[15:27:16] Type /help for available commands.
[15:27:16] The teleportation target is in rock!
[15:27:16] You are not invulnerable here.
[15:27:18] You feel rested.
[15:27:28] You leave the "Demented but Determined".
[15:27:28] The server has been up 1 hour and 4 minutes.
[15:27:28] It is 11:23:44 on day of Sleep in week 3 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1082.
[15:27:28] Currently Harvestable (from your almanac): 
[15:27:28] Camellia, season ends in 5 days.
[15:27:28] Lavender, season ends in 1 week, 0 days.
[15:27:28] Rose, season ends in 3 weeks, 5 days.
[15:27:29] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate.
[15:27:29] You are dead.

From the look of it I was placed in the centre of a rock tile on logging in, instead of on the tile where I logged off, I'm unsure if my corpse was further displaced after death, before/during popping to surface, or if my character was displaced that far away from the log out point, either way, I luckily was able to find my corpse, rather than have it destroyed in a rock tile.

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That would go a long way to explaining the how of the death, yes, still a little baffled as to why the corpse ended up so many tiles from the point of death, but since the corpse was recoverable, I'm inclined to leave that alone, I could have ended up having to mine out my corpse from a nearby set of caves after all.


Thanks for joining the dots, I'll send some pottery eventually ;)

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I think corpse is moved to a nearby open tile - still a better solution than being "trapped" in the rock tile where it would be most likely be deleted (I rarely could salvage items from collapsed tiles after mining them out again)

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