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WTS Character/Toon: MordosKull

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Looking for a great, all-around character/deed combination?


MordosKull, your favorite crazed wurmer is up on the block, hoping to pass on the flame on the way out. If possible, I would like to resolve of my character and all possessions with a single, all-in-one sale. So here it is!:


Character Rundown


- Current Skill Sheet -

- 13,200 Karma for those unforeseen emergencies

- Permanent Affinities Thus Far: Mind Logic (rank 2), Body, Soul, Soul Depth, Carpentry, Mining, Nature, Misc Items, Stone Chisel, Carving Knife, Hammer

- Mid-level Knowledge Path, non-combat skill is no longer lost at death now.

- 1 month premium time paid included




Mordos' inventory and list of personal effects he will leave behind to the Wurm world is somewhat extensive. The following is a tally of what comes with Mordos at time of sale. Some items are captured in pics, while many others still are not.

Some Pictured Items, descriptions and associated pics:


- Wurm Online's one and only uniquely named: "The Unholy Shroud"! It is a rare, uniquely-named, black dragon scale jacket with a web95 cast, exclusive staff gift (Retrograde bejazzled, Elentari-made - christmas 2018!)
- 1 blue dragon scale glove - aosp94
- full white drake set with casts (represented across pics)
- 91ql rare large oakenwood shield - coc95, steel rune of vynora
- 91ql rare pickaxe - woa96, bronze rune of libila, coc93, mining potion imbued at 98 level
- 88ql iron maul - monsters demise, woa101, tin rune of vynora, lt91, coc101
- 80ql carving knife - botd96
- 80ql brass compass - woa81
- 95ql rare two handed sword, steel - animals demise, nim86, lt82, coc89, ms96, steel rune of vynora
- 1 small magic chest, 0 damage, size runed
- 2 large magic chests, 0 damage both, size runed both
- many rift mats
- and more!


Wares not pictured but also included:


- many gems with ql totals of: sapphires 1036, emeralds 1155, opals 852, diamonds 892, and rubies 724
- 11 sleep powders
- 1 garden gnome
- 1 spyglass
- 5 yule goats
- 1 snowman statue
- 1 rare large anvil
- 1 straw picnic basket
- 1 AO Wagon (full function)
- 1 WU Wagon (with strange perm issues, looted from abandoned deed)
- 1 rare forge
- 1 special christmas gift saddle sack
- 3 rift beast staues
- 4 hota demon statues
- 1 hota bear v. man statue
- 1 knarr with speed rune, 88ql
- 1 corbita with speed rune, 90ql
- 1 rowboat
- 3 snow lanterns
- 9 small tokens (archaeology cache finds)
- 1 fireworks box
- 1 valentines pottery vase
- 1 emerald staff
- 1 ruby staff
- 1 rare fine fishing rod, 93ql, coc87, bronze rune of libila
- many great affinity meals made just for MordosKull
- thousands of fish, food, and nature items
- many tens of thousands of ores, lumps, alloys, shards - all types and qls
- many assorted horses and bison in pens
- loads of furnishings, storage, lights, and crafted items and mats
- Chain and studded armor sets, horse gear
- loads of archaeology fragments waiting for asssembly
- assorted rare trinket/sac/novelty items of many dif types
- and much more!


Deed Perks


Drakenheim is a beautiful, shorefront property located quite conveniently for marine travels at Xanadu, T8. With all infrastructure built inside the seaside cliffs, Drakenheim offers space above ground, overlooking the beautiful seascape, for a fruit grove, horse pens, bison pens, scenic outlooks atop the cliffs, and even a rice, reed, and kelp paddy. Entrance to the deed requires entry through an exclusive tunnel route on the property's north edge or by ship. No wanderers to muck up the lawn, ultimate privacy, no fuss!

Loaded with valuable ore and shards, this cliffside, all-in-one getaway spot still contains many untapped ore and shard resources, while many have already been harvested and are ready for action. Get it all, privacy but convenient travel, a place to relax away from it all or really get some serious work done, all with lots of space and at just under 2s per month deed upkeep - easy to keep up with!


Other great deed perks include:


- functional underground dock and boat mooring areas
- abundant storage and living space with much open design still ready for expansion and personalization
- fully functional crafting hall, kitchen, home/sleeping chambers
- lots of grape and hops trellises, already built and growing (can also be moved)
- speedy deliveries with a 99 couriered, size-runed mailbox at waterside and a wagoner station at end of tunnel/driveway on north side
- 4 bee hives, happy, healthy, and rolling out that sweet honey and wax
- 2 months upkeep prepaid with an additional 3s loose coin in bank.
- tons of ore to compliment Mordos' metalurgy and mining skill


Please forgive any clutter in deed pics as you take a very condensed tour. Sale is coming on end of extensive mine-outs and expansion work.  :)


Whether you're brand new to Wurm or have been around and just need a solid, all-around character, MordosKull is a great choice!


Feel free to send any questions, and otherwise, I will keep this ad running until I've received a fair offer and finalized sale. Notice: due to Paypal scams as of late, I will not accept this as payment method, but I will gladly consider nearly any other payment service that WILL stand by BOTH sides EQUALLY, OR NEITHER SIDE in electronic transactions issues - Venmo, Zelle, etc. PM offers - quickest and most reasonable gets the lot.





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:( Will miss you greatly.

Edited by Sn00

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dont do that







great toon 

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This is always sad.. hold on to your account at least, take a break man. You will regret selling it ?

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this looks like a just don't!!!! you'll regret. ?


if anything take a break, store all your stuff on min size deed pay it up for a year, go have fun sniffing the air, frolicking in the sun, chasing people that you fancy, and communing in the woods...


you'll feel differently after and it's nice to come back to this game after such time and slip into cozy place like you never left.

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deed sold.


many items sold.


remaining items being posted for sale now in freedom wts ads


character also for sale by itself now without all the extras


best wishes.



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