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[Indy] New Porto, coastal S 23 - Have you ever been to Venice?

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In the name of the mayor Psmaster i want to announce the recently created deed of New Porto (S23 at SE coast), which has space to take in a few new and old villagers, who are looking to join up a community.

The village is not as big as compareable huuge deeds on Xanadu, and not as lively and densely populated as Newspring, but the village offers a fairly big workshop, with beds, forges, and BsB full with materials, free to use up for villagers and members of the alliance.

There is also a big Temple/Church/Workshop/Common Quarter House that can hold sermons and has workspace above the priests!


The village has access to the sea, and it has small canals leading through the village and carved into the hillside and going underground as well.

"Have you ever been to Venice?" Is the village motto!    Lots of bridges will follow over time!


As a fan of Dwarf Fortress i immediatelly liked the idea that these canals flow into the hills and then go underground as well after leaving the Venice lagoon!

The Canals run underground and there is space in a big cave, to build undergorund houses as well, if anyone likes that. I'll surely build a guest house of my own here and wait for the Carnival with my mask!  ?


Space reserved for sceenshots later on








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Venice at night - higher houses, bridges, etc. will follow over time. Deed nowhere finished ?

The Main Canal in the middle, that runs past most buildings, leads to token and the village harbor and cave entrance


The Harbor and Entrance to the inner Cave, which has the theme of Underground houses, underground highways and connection to 1 big underrground ship tunnel (deep) linked to the village cave.


A random building plot of my houses 


I have all the biomes - A big hill and even bigger mountain is the backside of the village, tough to get up there, a nice hermit spot, if you want to be villager in a chatroom but look for some remote spot not on coast - you might give this mountain a try, i would even pay for a nice Path of Power meditation tile spot, i may use ?

A small Steppe and a small Desert biome is close by, the a big highway runs by a couple minutes away, this area offers plenty of possibilities!



@Covenant  @Idlamn    lol join me guys!










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Update: The village has a few villagers now! - Due to village size, and the need to stay in a good ratio to keep the breeding going, mayor can not allow many horses/Hellies/bisons/bulls for your villager's Wagon/cart per each player that you store on the deed.

For example, right now a max of 4 animals of a player that stay on deed for a longer time, or the ratio would become 15 if a  few more villagers join the deed.

The deed in New Porto will be mainly used for special breeding animals only, the offspring and hitched animals will be on pens belonging to the houses on the perimeter.

If you have no problem with having only few animals or having your wagon on perimeter (but still next to your house) you can still feel welcome ofc ?


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