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Vale is an active, friendly community on the southern side of Newspring island on Xanadu.  We welcome all who want to join us! 


Contact Thely here or in game or Thely#7137 or Bipolarbear#3723 on Discord for more information, or come visit us at Xanadu T9.  

We have a good number of very experienced, helpful players.  This is a settled, committed community that you can count on to be here for a long time in the future.  If you are moving from somewhere else or a returning player, you will find plenty to do here and people willing to work with you on larger projects.  If you are a new player, we have a long history of helping newbies learn the game and gain skills.  We make playing fun!  You will feel like you have come home.

Vale is next to the villages of Eden and Dune, and you can choose to build a house in any of the three deeds.    Vale is nestled in a lush valley walled on two sides by mountains, just north of Fir Market and on the highway system.  Idyllic wooded Eden, snuggled between the mountains and the ocean, has beautiful sea views and a castle.  The port village of Dune, perfect for seafarers and shipbuilders, features our seaside village pub the Royal Oak.  The island of Newspring has an active alliance and there is always someone around to talk to.

We  have lots to offer:

5x6 tile plots in any of the three villages.

A shared commons with materials for all to use.

If you would rather  live in a 'condo', we have those too, fully furnished.

If deed ownership is your interest, our extensive highway system means you can live close enough to be part of the community while having your own private space.  

We provide free, high CCFP meals in our HOTAs. 

There are plenty of areas for farming, pens for animals and an extensive mine system.  

A variety of different priests for all your casting needs, and the lovely Newspring Cathedral for preaching parties.  


Some images of our lovely villages:


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