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I am not sure how to get you a video on this but having issues when holding the left-click down. When I left-click and hold, the view moves (down to left when  head bob is off and down straight when head bob is on). Why hold the click? When I am on auto run,  etc...I use the mouse to steer me by holding down the button and looking around, etc.. In addition, I use Free Look quite a bit and when I click/hold mouse to look around, it points me to the ground and gets you quite disoriented. For now, I try to click and release quick each time I need to move view - it is hard to break long time behavior though. This started after the update... I have gone through my settings and don't see anything changed that would cause this behavior so thinking its a bug maybe?


Update *** I had 2 monitors up - when I moved the one of the windows back to main screen all worked fine - starts back up again when move to the second monitor

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