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Troy welcomes you

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Troy village is recruiting


Hi all

We are a group of players looking for new villagers, settled in J24 Xanadu. We looking for new/veterans players who want to play together in a friendly environment with people who like to play the game in a relaxed way. Mostly formed by Oxmogg and me, Enniskillen, we play daily and for various hours, plus we have few other villagers logging rarely. If you want to be part of a growing community, with a mature background and with the passion we share about Wurm, feel free to message down here or send a PM to Oxmogg or Enniskillen


Requirement to apply:

  • At least few hours of play a week, preferebly around 1-2 hours daily
  • Access to Discord, mandatory at least at the beginning to know each others
  • Mainly PVE style of play, we don't like or do PVP :)
  • No drama queens


What we offer

  • Friendly community
  • House in the deed, with wagoner, community larder for food, access to mines and free horses/bisons for your transport
  • Helpful players


We want to grow up together for the village and for us, so we try to help each villagers in any possible way

If you think to bring something to us, or we can help you to be part of something bigger, what you're waiting for, join us!!


Hope you a safe and enjoyful time in game

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