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Grave Knight-Modded, PVE, PVP (20x Skill, 50x Action)

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The Grave Knight Server was thought up by three friends whom got tired of playing on other servers. Amber and Reaper Spent a month making the 4 highways across the map, they Built up the central deed as its current glory as it is today, they have add the L-shape buildings around the Main buildings which where the old part of starter and housed things such as the Beds, crafting, Smithy and others. Each of the L-shape buildings houses different things, such as all the wagons, banners, flags that are on the server. The merchant area with player and Gm Merchants. One holds the Treasure chest (keys are spread around the server).
There is Four islands on the map each has a different thing on them, such as Rift, Uniques, PVP and the last on is the home of the Gm's, there are 4 docks at the end of the highway around the map, each has a trader in the buildings, and room to park your ships. 

Free Starter Deeds - No deed founding cost to help new players jump right in to the game.
There is deed upkeep however, this is to limit abandonded deeds cluttering the world.
Login to a complete starter town where you can grind and develop your skills safely.There you will find a Smithy, Carpentry, Cooking, Tailoring, beds and more.
One alt per ip address they will not be gave the skill boost or coin.

Maximum Creatures:25,000
Aggressive creatures 50%
Epic Seetings
Newbie Friendly
Skill gain: 20x
Action gain: 50X
Feild Growth: harvestable in 1 hour, no rot.
Two Free 5 Speed Horses for new explorers.
No Priest restrictions.

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Posted (edited)

I tried your server,. It looks nice, but i was not able to play because it's eating my ram and halves my frame reate. Reconnected several times in half hour. Lag is incredible. No, it's not my computer. It runs smooth on any other server. Maybe it's due diverse materials  used on buildings on spawn, i don't know.  

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It's running perfectly for me. PC is using 6.5 GB of RAM whit lots of Google Chrome tabs opened and wurm.


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For some reason I was banned for doing nothing but exploring north and south part of the map. Can I atleast get an explain on what I did that was considered "GRIEFING"?


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