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Veraxus (New 3x skill 4x action timer)

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Opened February 20th 2019

4K Map PVE -

3x skill 4x action timers

68,000 mobs

85% aggressive

Free deeds with default upkeep cost

Skills start at 1 Characteristics start at 20 except body control which starts at 21

No priest restrictions and all spells available to all priests( 200 max faith )

Unlimited hourly faith gains 

Spell craft mod (includes additional spells and Statuette quality and rarity now matter)

Bounty for aggressive creatures

Coin and karma for burning corpses

6 hours per crop tick

45 mining actions per tile

Town at spawn location (Veraxus) to help get players started. 

Leaderboards (access through character screen or right clicking skills)

Harvest helper ( /seasons for exact time until next season and mounted harvest)

Merchants at Veraxus that buy jewelry and certain bulk items and will soon also sell unique items.

Discord -


Rules posted on Discord



After a long voyage you arrive at Veraxus ready for your new adventure to begin...…..






Bounty mod

Bounty on burn

Meditation(unlimited skill gains 30 mins apart)

Fire burn time

Hitching post


Harvest helper

Crop mod (they don’t rot)

Inbreed warning

Creature age (speeds up first two age phases)

Buyer merchant

Dig to ground

Discord relay

One tile mining

Server tweaks





Edited by Rezden

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Do deeds need silver to create, do they require maintenance

How many mobs, how many agressive?

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Sorry about that, I updated the post with that information.

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I have played on Stone Peaks and then Aggertine Wilderness since they launched, and can say Rezden is one of the best server admins I've come across :) The settings on Veraxus are probably too easy for my taste, but highly recommend any of his servers to those looking for a new home 😎

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Added spellcraft, hitching post , and fireburn time mods.  200 max faith now and Unlimited Hourly faith gains. You also gain 3x the faith on the hourly faith gain.

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Been having a great time on this new server. Very active admins and a moderate sized, but super friendly playerbase.


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Rezden is a very responsive GM = 5 stars *****. Community is small but player friendly mods and fairly easy priesting with no penalties and all the light spells. Can get playing and building without needing to grind for 6 months. It has a HUUGE map like 4k+; Plenty of ore with good slopes on terrain ( I have ridden a cart to the snowy tops of 3 mountains so far). Dirt is generally around 30 depth, which can be good and bad, that makes it easy to get to rock and the rock can be surface mined without exposing all surrounding tiles with a much higher chance of success than normal. Lots and lots of aggro creatures yet still plenty of non-aggros. If you are looking for a new server and don't want to spend half to a full year to skill up I highly recommend this server!!

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