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Morrowen's Craft and Smithy

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Morrowen's shop is now open!

Everything below is made to order. Pm me on forums or "/tell Morrowen" in game if you feel lucky.


Will offer 7s shop credit for any referrals.

Will offer 1.2s shop credit per sleep powder.


Most woods can be used upon request.


Now offering optional metal service.

Silver Zinc and Tin. 80ql add 25c extra, 90ql add 35c

Bronze  and gold 80ql add 40c extra, 90ql add 50c


Unless specified all wooden tools will be made from oak, and all wooden furniture from cedar.



Chain armor sets Iron

      80ql  1s35c

      90ql  3s


Platesmithing sets Iron

        80ql      1s40c

        90ql      4s


Bowyery Willow any size bow

        85ql  60c

        90ql   1s


Blacksmithing   Iron

       80ql   35c

       90ql   80c


Barding Iron

      80ql  45c

      90ql  1s


Fine carpentry items

      80ql  40c

      90ql  90c


Leather items



               80ql   65c

               90ql   1s 50c


               81ql 65c

               90ql 1s

       Leather and Studded Leather sets

               80ql  1s 40c

               90ql  3s


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Hey, I got an order for ya.



80ql small anvil - 35c
80ql frying pan - 35c

80ql sauce pan - 35c

80ql fruit press - 40c


Please COD to Eochaidh. Thanks! :)

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Can you make  8  -  90ql horses shoes ?  Send to Arka Tx

Edited by Arka

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