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Just a quick video highlighting some new mechanics and features of the server.  


  • Magic System Updates
  • Village Doggo Mechanics
  • Mob Pack/Social Mechanics
  • Mob Migration Mechanics
  • Enhanced Pet Mechanics


All other normal server features as per http://pveplands.com/showthread.php?tid=10&pid=13#pid13


This server is really more designed for players that are self sufficient and know base level Wurm gameplay.  It is a free server that is made available for use.  As such no expectation of service should be made.  Though there are GM's available, they do not readily remedy player "situations" that are not a bug.  If you create a problem for yourself, it is expected that you resolve it yourself or with the help of other players.


We are happy to have players, but we don't vote the server up or ask people to promote it.   There are plenty of servers available for people to choose from. 



Server Map - http://www.pveplands.com/map/


Video - 






(fun early prototyping work of the mob migration/mob interspecies combat  This was before separation by mob type was enabled so they ALL migrated the same direction...dumb) - 


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02/22/19 - Update


Cleaned up Pet commands menu on wand to only show when pet is active while right clicking on the wand itself.


Fixed a bug in pet defend code


Updated pet attack code to use same movement mechanics as follow


Attempt to fix intermittent issue where previous pet would remain tame/charm/dom'd after new pet is established.  Fix will forcibly remove dominator when player/pet correlation does not exist.


Added Pathfinding command to be used with treasure maps.  Pet will lead you to the rough general area of the treasure chest at which point the scent will become too strong.  Pet will defend itself while pathfinding, but will not defend the player unless the pet is commanded to defend.  Pathfinding can be resumed after combat.


Increased frequency, reduced distance of mob migration mechanics in hopes of making it more fluid and visible that packs are migrating.


Reduced frequency of updates to pet/player shared buffs as it was unnecessarily often.


Master's pain frequency increased to allow pet to player damage transfer to be more smooth.


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Its far from a vanilla game. Its magic based gameplay. A real challange i reccomend everybody to play

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