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Resize settlement, building permissions

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As far as I know, when trying to resize a deed, the mayor does not need permissions to every house already fully on the deed.

However, this seems to be different when a house is in the mine (underground) and mayor has no permission to it. In that case, the resize is blocked (expanding and shrinking, both).


Does this sound like a bug, one way or another?

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Tried to 'resize settlement' with an alt, co-mayor, without manage permissions on 2 above ground buildings:

[16:46:20] The settlement has been updated according to your specifications!


With the main toon, co-mayor, without ownership/manage on an underground building:

[16:47:53] You need to have manage permissions for the structure Cottage to found the settlement here.


I believe you used to be able to resize when the building is already on deed. It doesn't seem to serve anyone to be blocked from doing it, the house is already covered anyway. It just doesn't seem to have been applied to underground.

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