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We're currently looking for players who would like to apply for being Community Assistant (CA) on the server. Please message me on our discord or ingame if you're interested!


These are some changes over the last few days :)



Bounty payouts have seen a big increase, making solo and group hunting alot more profitable!

Bounty on burn now pays 1 copper and 50 karma per corpse burned and only takes 3 seconds to do instead of 5



Personal Merchants can now hold up to 500 items


Treasure Hunting

Chances for randomly finding a treasure map have been reduced

Treasure maps will now be easier to get with higher QL (meaning less 1ql maps)

Treasures now require the ambush to be killed for the chest to unlock

Treasure maps with 80+ QL can spawn a unique

Treasure loot has been improved and increased by alot



Foals will now require to age 2 stages instead of previous, where the foal stage would be skipped entirely

After getting feedback on this change, the mod increases creatures growth speed has been removed completely.

Foals now require their regular growth time to grow, as well as any other creature. For more info on growth times check the Wiki

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There is getting to be a very nice active community!

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Many new features and changes over the past few days! Here's the changelog :)


New Livemap-Feature: Hostile Heatmap

File Attachment:

Can be toggled with the "Show Hostile Heatmap"-Setting

Areas colored in perfect green have no hostile creatures in them.
More red means more hostiles on that tile area.

Unique creatures are NOT displayed in the heatmap.

Bulk Sorting and Improvements
You can toggle sorting on bulk containers (BSB, FSB, Large crate, small crate)
Sorted items will only stack with items of same QL
Unsorted containers will behave like vanilla merging
You can transfer max. items at once while bulk transferring
Body checks have been removed, allowing fast transfer of heavy items

Bounty on Burn Changes
Increased the burn corpse range
Allow movement while burning a corpse

Passive Income Increase
Passive income has increased to 10i per minute


Unleashing Hell
As some of you have noticed, there were no hell creatures roaming the lands. This will change now! Today we will be unleashing all hell creatures, including hell horses and lava fiends.

There are two custom built dungeons now for you to find and conquer as well, with a treasure deep inside it. I don't expect anyone to find them soon, but if you do, be prepared to fight.

We're adding a modified version of the Spellcraft mod. This brings huge changes to the faith/favor system and religion in general.
Max Faith is now 200

You need only 20 Faith to become a priest
Favor Regeneration will be faster and smoother
You can pray once per hour instead of once every 20 minutes, but also receive 3x the faith for it

Faith gained from prayer scales to the new maximum of 200, meaning you will see much higher gain ticks now
Statuette QL increases spellcasting and channeling efficiency
All priests can link each other e.g. Libila can link Magranon, Vynora can link Fo, etc.

Genesis favor cost increased to 70

Rites need only 5 active players to be cast

Reduced Strongwall cast time to 60 seconds

New Spells
Harden: Enchant applicable to most items. Reduces the damage taken by the enchanted item; 50 power grants 15% reduction; 100 power granting 30% reduction.
Phasing: Weapon enchant that increases the opponent's shield skill check difficulty. In laymans terms, it makes it so shields block attacks from a Phasing weapon less.
Summon Soul: Summons a player to the location of the caster.
Replenish: Automatically refills a liquid container with water.
Expand: Increases the capacity of containers
Efficiency: Reduce difficulty of skill checks with enchanted items.
Prowess: Ring enchant that increases CR
Industry: Ring enchant that reduces difficulty checks
Endurance: Ring enchant that reduces stamina usage
Acuity: Ring enchant that reduces favor usage
Titanforged: Increases speed, efficiency, and skill gain.

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The map is developing really well and many new deeds are popping up daily! Thanks to everyone so far for helping build this awesome community :)


Now for the updates and changes over the past week


Event Portals

Added event portals. They allow you to use your deed token to teleport to the event and back to your deed when the event is finished.


Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are now a little bit easier to get while doing activities like mining, woodcutting and foraging.

When hunting, they can now drop from: Trolls, Brown Bears, Large Rats, Goblins, Huge Spiders, Anacondas, Black Bears, Cave Bugs, Lava Spiders, Lava Fiends, Crocodiles, Scorpions, Hell Hounds, Hell Scorpius


Treasure Chests (Default Spawns)

The (re)spawning of these has been disabled a few weeks back to ensure a smooth transition to the Treasure Map system.

These chests have been disabled because they are mainly found by players using Scanner / ESP mods. Needing a mod to participate in the treasure hunting should not be mandatory, so i'm happy to say the last of the old chests is now gone :)


Smaller changes and fixes

Added inbreed warnings when breeding related animals

Rivia Trader now has it's prices fixed (buy and sell prices should be much saner now)

You can now combine Leather and Logs

The bounty on burn has been slightly decreased

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Bump for a good server with a good map, good admin and a good community!  


I have been here about six weeks now and am really enjoying myself.




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Been quite some time since the last update but of course many little and big things happened :)


~ New Mods and Features ~


Rift Events

Starting this weekend on saturday we will have rift events! These rifts can alter in how they look, their strength, varierty of hostiles and rewards!

More info on the event at the bottom of this post! :)


Unique Rumour Map

You can now see the rough area of unique creatures on the livemap! To toggle this feature use the Show reported unique creatures button on the left.



The unique will be in a random location inside the circle, you can click the circle to see which unique was spotted.

The circles will move randomly every 30 minutes.



You can now preserve corpses to use them for decoration.

To do this you can craft Taxidermy kits to apply to a corpse


Waxed Food

You can now preserve food to use them for decoration as well.

Use beeswax on the food to preserve it


Animal Neutering

You can now neuter animals to make them unable to breed ever again.

This costs 1c and 50 karma to do and requires active scissors and leading the creature.


Cave-Layer Rework

The cave layer was completely rerolled, now featuring increased ore spawns and adjusted amounts in them.

In general this means you will find way more iron and other resources than before. Any existing stay the way they were.



Overhaul on the combat system plus stats on weapons. Very nice :)


~ Misc Changes ~

Rivia (central main city) now has a dedicated market area where you can place merchants

The Rivia Church now is decorated and has altars of Fo, Vynora and Magranon for you to pray at

The forum has received a little design change

Boat speeds have been increased a bit overall and also received a little re-balance to better fit their cost and sail size for wind benefits

Startergear: Removed spyglass, Added mallet, Added 10 small nails

Combined leather can be used for improvement regardless of QL



Now with the latest changes out of the way, time for the real fun stuff! :)


 ~ Rift Events ~

The first event will start this saturday! You can vote here for which time suits you best to participate! (click me)


The Story

Slight traces of a strange cosmic radiation are being picked up from another dimension and the mages guild is predicting that a rift is about to open on saturday this weekend!
The high mages of Rivia will be able to delay the rift for a short period of time to give us time to prepare.

It is yet unknown what the rift will bring, but the tales tell stories of fierce mutated beast from another dimension, taking over worlds and and slaying everyone within their paths.


How does it work?

Rifts will open from time to time, starting this saturday. Their location will be indicated by a bright red energy surge striking the surface on a totally random location of Riviera.

The rift will not open close to deeds, slopes or inaccessible terrain.

There will be an Event Portal open near the rift some time before the rift fully opens.

Roughly 24 hours after the red surge hits the ground, waves of rift beast will storm the surrounding land and rift-resources can be found around the surge.

In order to finish the event, all rift creatures need to be defeated.


What are the rewards?

Players will be rewarded by activity. Each creature you kill or assist in killing will add to your score.

The more score you have at the end, the more drops from the rifts lootpool you get.

You can check your score and the available reward tiers by using the /rift command in chat during the event.


Some of the possible rewards are:

Shoulder pads

Rift jewelry


Expensive trader items

High QL rare gems

Strange bones 

Magic tomes

And much more


Join us now to take on the beasts and defend the lands of Riviera!

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Holy crap, rifts in WU. I'll play just for that. Any chance you guys will publicize that mod? :D

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On 7/9/2019 at 12:18 AM, Ignacius said:

Any chance you guys will publicize that mod? :D

 Will likely not happen soon, maybe some time down the road :D

The rift event was awesome, thanks to everyone for participating!

Around 20 people assisted in fighting back the strange matter and fought back around 600 intruders before the rift finally collapsed!

The next rift will be in a few weeks, so be sure to prepare ;)


Some media from the event (Spoiler)





And there was siege




The next event is here!


Double-Double Bounty Hunting Event

This weekend we'll be having our very first bounty hunting event featuring doubled bounty payout and doubled skillgain in fighting, archery and shield categories!

The event will run from friday 12:00 UTC until monday 12:00 UTC (12/07 - 15/07)

These skills will be effected by doubled skillgain:
Shields, Fighting, Small wooden shield, Medium wooden shield, Large wooden shield,
Small metal shield, Large metal shield, Medium metal shield, Weaponless fighting, Aggressive fighting,
Defensive fighting, Normal fighting, Taunting, Shield bashing, Short bow, Long bow, Medium bow, Archery

Happy hunting!

Event post (wu.thahenry.de)

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Seriously one of the all-time best WU servers I have played on (and I have played on a lot of them...)



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