Riviera PvE [3x Skill / Action | Random Spawn | Free Deeding | Bounties | 4096x4096 Map | Epic Curve | Modded]

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Welcome to Riviera!


Roleplay and fun are most important to us!

This is the perfect place to start your own settlement and build an amazing world!


This is a fresh server that opened on 9th February 2019 and therefor has plenty of space to explore, build and thrive!



Server name : Riviera PvE

IP :

Port 3724


Random Spawns

Freedom Kingdom

Map Size: 4096x4096

PvE (No PvP)

Skill gain rate multiplier : 3x

Action Timer multiplier : 3x

Epic Settings : Enabled (Makes skills more effective)

Max Creatures : 30.000

% Aggro Creatures : 35%


Since your spawn is random, you can start a new civilisation anywhere!

Deeding is free, you only have to pay upkeep for it


We have global bounties (Killing Animals / Monsters earns you good coin)


Detailed Modlist:


Announcer - Login/Logout Messages

BountyMod - Coin reward for killing creatures

BetterFarm - Enabled you to multiplant, fixes action timers and more

BetterDigging - You can dig while being mounted

CreatureAgeMod - Young animals grow faster in the first 2 stages, after that normal growth

CropMod - Crops don't turn into weeds

FireBurnTime - Examine a fire to see the exact remaining burn time

HarvestHelper - Adds chat commands to help tell the season

LocationCommand -  Get your coordinates

MeditateMod - Lifts some restrictions on meditating

TimerFix - Fixes some actions not getting the multiplier applied


Useful commands:



/location - Tells you your coordinates

/seasons - Gives you the exact seasons for when you can grow what best


Vanilla Commands (still super useful)

/vinvite <player> - Invite the player to your village

/vteleport - Teleport to your village (You can only do it once)

/join <player> - Join a players village if it is recruiting



Rough map overview:



Shoutout to Artimis for sharing this awesome map!


Join us today!

Edited by Henry
Added detailed mod info

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Goodluck! Looks like a nice server

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Added more mods and fixed some smaller issues

The post itself was extended to contain a mod list as well as the most useful commands

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The server is now restarted! :)


We have added two new mods:




And removed:


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