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WTS Horses on Cele

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I am located at Lorien near Tap Dance Market on Cel

20 c each 5 speed Horse in normal colors 
50c for new colors 3-4 speeds
1s for 5 speed new colors


more pens and some more colors will come soon xD


self service pens





It will fight fiercely.

Higher fighting skill 



It has fleeter movement than normal.

Minor speed boost



It is a tough bugger

Withstands more damage



It has a strong body

Bonus to maintaining top speed



It has lightning movement

Randomly increases speed for a short duration



It can carry more than average

Less penalty to speed due to high load



It has very strong leg muscles

Less penalty to speed due to slope



It has keen senses

Able to sense when on a water tile 



It looks unusually strong and healthy

Has a higher resistance to disease



It has a certain spark in its eyes

Lives 50% longer than normal








Name Father Mother Traits Gender Age Color Comments
Heartwarrior Earsecker 'M Tammyhappy FF,FM,SB,LM,CM,SL male Aged Piebald pinto 15c
Bloodchaser Hardcoffee 'M Tahugolden 'F FM,TB,SB,LM,CM,SL,SH male Mature White 15c
Northwarrior Ragekiss Idamountain 'F FM,TB,SB,LM,CM,SL male Mature Piebald pinto 15c
Dancecoffee Swiftwild 'M horse 'Exxie' FM,SB,LM,CM,SL male AdolescentFoal Gold 20c
Clipswift horse 'Ayaan M Eckerpie 'F FM,SB,LM,CM,SL female AdolescentFoal Brown 20c
Eckerbaron Pienotch horse 'Exxie' FM,SB,LM,SL,CS male YoungFoal Skewbald pinto 50c
Kiakiss Northeast Idaosio TB,LM,CM,SL female YoungFoal Appaloosa 50c

1 Privat merchant contracts 6,5s  (only Pickup)

9 Sleep Powders 90c each



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On 2/8/2019 at 10:20 PM, Aarbi said:



Edited by Aarbi

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I'd be intrested in one of the merchant contracts when I get back :D

I also want to mention that I normally get my best horses from awesome Aarbi!

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@AarbiI might be interested in horses but your labeling system is cancer. What the heck do all these two letter codes mean? 


Anyways, pm me if you got any 5 speed no extra traits pintos.

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