Adding 'life' to Guard Towers

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So, while shooting the breeze with my deed mates today we came up with some novel ideas for guard towers.


Idea: Allow 'sacrificing' high ql or high ccfp food & drink to guard towers to give the guards a buff, or perhaps increase guard count. Something akin to a deed bonus, but for guard towers.

  • Subsequent idea: Feeding the guards too much booze when sacrificing has a small chance to cause a randomly timed, scripted fight amongst the guards at some point in the hours/days after the sacrifice happens. Something like how the wagoners burp and fart or whatever they do, but there's a chance that a guard randomly dies after the scripted fight ends.


Could be fun?

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+1  Especially love the drunken fights.


Can we also make it possible to entice guards out of mines with a doughnut?

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