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Most journal goals are single success items like (flatten a tile, ride a cow, enchant an item, etc).


But we also have the multiple action goals like :

 - Hold 10 sermons

 - Spend 1k favor

- sacrifice 10k items,

- etc


Since this is intended as a new and improved system over the old personal goal system, it would be great if we could actually see the progress.. so it would show in the Journal window like :

 - Hold 10 sermons (2/10)

 - Spend 1k favor (0/1000)

 - Sacrifice 10k items (2.323/10.000)

 - etc


This would help in getting the players more involved and see the actual progress and also with finding bugs, like the favor spending one that's in the forums now, that if people don't know about might just make them waste favor for it without ever completing. This might be the case for other goals as well.

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5 minutes ago, Roccandil said:



And self-referential promotion: :)



Well.. i have to read the thread next time before jumping on the 'Start new topic' button.. I missed that you already added a suggestion for the same thing. I'll +1 that one then :)


This topic can be closed (same as the one above).

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Yes, please, even if it only updated on log in or out.



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