24-hour lighting OPTION for deed owners

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There's parts of my deed where there's terraforming only up to 60 dirt to the back of a building which creates night time levels of darkness inside my house on the ground floor. The house in question is also made from slate so also dark walls and floors. I passionately refer to early morning lighting as my mood lighting ... 


I do have a glow runed toolbelt these days which helps, but it sure would be nice to have the option to turn those lamps in there on 24 hours - no matter how it's brought in. As Malena suggests here and the HDR rendering. 


+1 to anything that results in having more control over your deed lights / how much light you see in game in general.

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1 hour ago, Samool said:

I agree that shadowed areas during the day could use some lighting, but sunlight is generally so bright that in a lot of cases, the lamps would mean you'll have a blinding-white area there, if that place just happens to not be in a shadow that moment - and most places aren't in the shadow the whole day.

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We'll be allowing permanently turned on lamps with the introduction of HDR rendering (soon), which will allow us to have a lot of light sources overlapping without the nuclear meltdown effect.

Does this mean we can have a longer winter with less complaining about snow blindness? :D

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