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Looking for Mining Work

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Looking for mining work, mainly vein depletion. Working my mining skill up :P 


There are two types of work I do:


Metal Vein Depletion (1s/k): I will mine a vein for you at a rate of 5k at a time. This mean I will mine up to 5k ore from a specific vein before requesting payment. You can rehire me after the 5k is done and you may continue to do so in 5k increments until the job is done or I feel I've mined enough (ugh.. last job was over 20k ore...). I will then remove the ore and take it with me once its done. I will provide the BSBs and removal of the shards.


Metal Resource Acquisition (2s/k): - I will mine a vein for you that you specify at a rate of 5k at a time. I will then smelt and sort your ore on location up to the amount you specify and separate in the qualities agreed upon before the job begins. Client must provide crates, wagon, and bulk storage containers. Metal lumps are transported to a location of your choice in the vicinity of the project. 


Sandstone Vein Depletion (2s/k): - I don't normally do Sandstone Vein depletion, but it can be arranged. Client must provide crates or bsbs for the removal of the sandstone, or dispose of it himself. I do not collect sandstone as I have no use for it.


Other veins: I will work on them on a case by case basis. Rates negotiable.


Interested Parties can contact me via PM or reach me by Discord at Blackhorseman#6728


Thanks for looking!

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