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To those who have interacted with the 'Babelfishie' avatars, I would like to clear up some misconceptions.


We have a nearly ten year history with this person via a bunch of other avatar names, and none of it has been pleasant.  We know him more prominently as Boston and this person has a solid history of violating our chat rules, game rules, and has committed many abuses towards our community.


I have received a number of 'appeals'  regarding his permaban on his behalf by 3rd parties, which I assume were pushed by this person.


I want to be clear, that at each altercation and penalty, while this person has denied receiving any explanation for his penalties, We have in fact left ban reasons and emails with this person.  His 'medical' excuses for why he continues this behavior are not my concern and I cannot govern his life or state of mind.  My task is to administrate the rules and make sure that everyone willing to play the game within the given rules can enjoy the service that we provide.


While I typically do not divulge details in cases for our penalties, we do not arbitrarily ban anyone.  For many years this person has continually appealed his ban even though we have told him not to bother us about it ever again.


In 2016 I made the mistake of not telling him he is unwelcome as I mistakenly assumed he had been playing within the rules under a new alias.  I was wrong about that.

He had not been an active player and until recently I had no reason to pay him any more mind until we began receiving some varied complaints about how he was treating people and he also began wasting our time with more appeals.


I do not enjoy banning people... well... maybe a bit.... but the paperwork!

Thank you,
/Enki (Head Game Master)(the one with the bloodied ban hammer)

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