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Pickup items in Area

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Good day.


I was hoping someone would be so kind as to make a mod that allows you to pick up all items in a area.
A mod that does AoE for farming is already done so that could help with the base for coding (bdew's Better farming)


It should only do a smallish area, like 7x7 max. Could be based on Body Stamina to "level" up area from 3x3 -> 5x5 -> 7x7. And it would be great if you can do Item groups like "All logs", "All Corpses"....

And perhaps but them all in a pile at your feet.


Thank you in Advance. 



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I'd love it if it increased with your skill:  3x3 at 10 skill (to encourage tidying up!), 4x4 at 20, etc., though maybe not a characteristic, as that goes up so slowly.

Configurable, perhaps.

And I'd love the option to drop the pile at your feet, OR just destroy items. 

But it would be important that this not be possible on someone else's deed.


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