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Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

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Like in topic. Excluding Wurm, what are your top 10 (or less) favorite games? I'm curious if there is any pattern in what kind of games Wurmians like most! :)


My personal list, in more or less correct order:

1. Path of Exile - probably one of most complex and in-depth games ever made, despite being in action RPG genre often associated with simplicity

2. Europa Universalis 4 - map painting simulator, with excellent focus on both long term (diplomacy and economy) and short term (warfare) decisions

3. War Thunder - pretty much the only relevant and very good plane/tank/navy simulator

4. Trimps - perfect example that games don't even need graphics or constantly engaging gameplay to be good

5. AI War: Fleet Command - very unique, co-op focused 4x with players fighting against overwhelming (and intentionally, but "fairly" cheating) AI

6. Crusader Kings 2 - medieval Sims with a bit of Europa Universalis on top of it

7. Factorio - technical masterpiece, perfectionists dream. Becomes insane with mods (Bob + Angel + AAI)

8. Stellaris - most complex 4x so far, still under very active development

9. Kerbal Space Program - rocket science for everyone!

10. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead - most advanced zombie survival game so far, surprisingly easy to get into despite being classical roguelike

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  1. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  2. Dragon Age: Origins
  3. Dragon Age: II 
  4. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
  5. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
  6. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
  7. The Town of Light
  8. The Cat Lady
  9. Jazz Jackrabbit
  10. Life is Strange

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Here's the problem with these... I'll always have those cople of games in the back of my mind that i'll think they're the best ever made... like :

1.Arx Fatalis

2.Warcraft 3 Campaign

3.GTA san andreas multiplayer

4. CS 1.6

5. Half Life 1

6.Half Life 2

7.Elder scrolls oblivion

8. SKyrim


But all of these... i could never play again... they are relics.. lost themselves in time and with how the technology advanced they're mostly unplayable...


A more "today" s version would be :


2.Ring of Elysium 



5.Black desert online

6. Archeage

7. I would say Fortnite ... but only the beginnings of it.. the first 3-6 months

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I dont think ill ever manage to rank them, as it would be difficult to compare games i never play anymore with games i still play.

But here is my favourite ten, in no specific order:


Diablo 2


Warcraft 3


Kerbal Space Program

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 platinum (all three expansions)

Civilizations (ill say all of them, but the third had most impact on my gaming time)

Heroes of Might and Magic (3 for the most, but generally 1-4 i played the heck out of)

Diablo 1

Transport Tycoon Deluxe


These are based on playtime, enjoyment and replayability.

It may be rule breaking to add a series of games, such as the Civ series, but tbh they are kinda following the same path. Diablo 1 and 2 are, in my eyes too different to list as one.


I have plenty of more games that pops into my head that could make the list, like The Witcher 3, Neverwinter Nights, Commander Keen, Black Desert Online and many more. Why cant this list be the top 100? :D 

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1. Stronghold

2. Fallout 2

3. Tales of Maj'Eyal

4. NFS U2

5. Dwarf Fortress

6. Half-Life (Series)
7. KSP 

8. Terraria

9. Stronghold Crusader

10. Heroes of Might and Magic V

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In no particular order and more than 10(that's just how it goes, too many good games) :ph34r:


Ark: Survival Evolved



Elder Scrolls: 4/5

Space Engineers

Fallout: 3/4

Command &Conquer: 3

Doom(2016 release)


Portal: 1/2

Team Fortress 2

Dark Age of Camelot

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My list is old school cause I'm not young :P  I still have my consoles and games, tho I've gone through and updated the batteries in them to keep the carts running for another 20 years.  All you emulator fools can suck it.


Perfect Dark 64

Mario Party

Mario Party 2

Final Fantasy XI Online

Fallout 3

Fallout 4

Super Smash Bros 64

Ogre Battle 64 Person of Lordly Caliber

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy III (Yes, I know it's 6 but I'm Murican and we were cut from the loop unlike you folk so it's 3)

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Entropia Universe(second favorite after wurm)

Project gorgon

Continent of the ninth(best combat sistem i ever played)


Hereos of Gaia

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14 minutes ago, Shrimpiie said:


Oh, man was Doom 2 scary when it arrived!

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Elder Scrolls Oblivion.
Elder Scrolls Morrowind
Elder Scrolls Daggerfall.

Fallout 2

Fallout New Vegas.

Star Wars Galaxies

Fable 1 

Zelda Ocarina of Time

Unreal Tournament

Archeage (10k + hours recorded ? )


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Istaria - mmo with playable dragons. Start as a dragonette that can't fly....grow up into large dragon that can fly

Project Gorgon


Single player games that I still play regularly:

--Hero's of Might and Magic 3 complete - Older but classic and still always fun

--Trine Enchanted Edition - Throwback to console side-scrolling platform games but with newer graphics and loads of fun and highly addicting. (I have to be careful when I start playing Trine, I tend to forget to play anything else for a week or more. And sometimes forget to eat dinner. lol.)


Games next on my list:

--Styx Master of Shadows - Stealth game, you play a goblin. Looks really fun.

--The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Mystery, whodunit, adventure game.


Of course many, many games that I don't play any more like Myst, the Journeyman Project series, UO, The Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars the Old Republic, Daggerfall,  Fallout, EQ, EQ2, WoW, Anarchy Online, Lord of the Rings, etc, etc, etc. Too many to list.   :)


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add project gorgon

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44 minutes ago, Jonydowy said:

Project gorgon


This is a fun game :)

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I don't play other games than Wurm Online. But the ones i like and used to play before in no necesarry ranking order:

Stronghold (Crusader) /beyond that is ###### i could not play

Emperor Rise of The Middle Kingdom


Heroes Of Might and Magic (III was the best for me although IV managed to capture me as well)

World of Warcraft (played WoTLK)

Warcraft III  + Frozen Throne

Dragon Age


I'm sure i forgot some good oldies :) New games simply couldn't catch my interest also I don't have time for anything beside Wurm :P 

P.S. Can't belive i forgot Elder Scrolls Oblivion, that was insane amount of fun and immersion for me. Also liked Farming Simulator(not sure that is correct title) plain and simple fun :)

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I'm not sure if i can or even should classify all of these games in one category. But I'll try at least to sort them by games i play online and ones I play on my own. 

It's mostly because in mmo/ online games I'm looking for totally different things than I'm looking for in games "offline"


In myltiplayer games I'm looking forward numbers! Yes, statistics, goals, achievements- everything that shows me how well I can play the game and what I should do better in competition with other players. So pretty much I'm playing games only for competition and raising different statistics by every 0.000% i can, to see how far i went from the beginning of my playing, up to this moment and trying to predict how far i can sill aim, giving my best to do so. Other interested thing I'm looking forward in specific games is trading possibility. 

1) World of Tanks- My second most played game online. I've really comitted myself to this title, playing on different accounts sadly, playing really hard at some point. Always doing it with team of my best friends, with whom i've went through many clan, tournaments, ESL leagues and more. Such playing sadly tires a man more than many jobs would do. That's why now I'm no longer playing this title at all, because several games a week or even less it's hard to call playing anymore. Anyway, WoT and it's developer- Wargaming showed me for the first time how well the game developing might go on and on,for so many years and through all the criticism the title gets from people who mostly simply don't understand simple mechanics. 

2) Diablo 2- Game i played for 11 years and it was probably my first multiplayer game i've commited myself to this level. This game was perfect, both as single and multiplayer. Here for the first time i started looking for any numbers i can raise in my stats/ items stats, as well as i enjoyed trading with other players for the first time. And since then I'm looking for it in pretty much every other game. 

3) Wurm Online- This game is different than all other on my list. Well... i guess you all know this game good enough to see it. Honestly i don't know what holds me in this game for so long, but something certainly is...

4) Smite- In short, the only moba I could ever play for more than 15 minutes. And damn, I played it for like 2 years what in case of such kind of game for me- is a very long time. 


In offline games I'm looking on other hand for something else. I rather prefer great stories that i can see, that i can hear and actively enjoy. Sometimes as already named hero with made history- or as a character i can create and make it's history by my own decisions. Character that allows me to feel like I'd be a part of great story myself. 


1) The Elder Scrolls- as whole series.
2) Gothic- 1, 2 and 3. 

3) Total War- as almost whole series, but especially Warhammer titles.

4) Life is Strange

5) The Walking Dead

6) Diablo 1& 2

7) Mount & Blade

Other games that doesn't fit at all to neither category are:
1) FSX- with all necessarry paid additions to make it a real simulation. (Basic Flight Simulator has nothing from simulation). As someone who loves flying, as someone who had a chance to fly on his own and pass basic trainings - i just have to love this title. That's why i have over 2500h "in air" on my beloved B734 and B738- 739 with over 800 hours in virtual airlines within. Pretty much every now and then I'm taking free day just to plan and go through next travel with my VR gear and bought or made B737 peripherals. Sadly, it takes a lot of place and time to set up properly, so i can't do that as often as i would love to. 

2) NewZ- Once called WarZ, then Infestation... so poor game. Bugged as hell, plagued by cheates as hell... Sometimes it's impossible to play this title. however after all these years, finaly another developer who took this title under his wings made something decent out of it. Game has nothing to offer at all, but hell, PvP is so addicting in this game. Regardless of all bugs and glitches, PvP in this game is fast, so intentious and so rewarding and frustrating at once that i simply can't stop it, regardless of how much i hate this game. Sending a bullet through someone's head just to loot his precious corpse after that makes me wanna run this terrible game even now. 


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My Top 10:


1. Mount & Blade: Warband (c-RPG mod mostly) - catch me in the ring

2. Mortal Online - About 3 years ago, that is

3. Europa Universalis 4 - HRE Stronk

4. Crusader Kings II - So what if my Cousins marry and hold half my Empire in 2 Kingdoms?

5. Planetside 2 - "NC get Shotguns as their specialty" ok cool

6. Hearts of Iron IV - Nothin' like Fascist Poland

7. League of Legends - Only fun with a group of friends, ARAM mostly

8. WoW - granted I only log in to raid, only to raid with my Wurm friends that play

9.  Black Desert Online - Mindless grind, fun somehow

10. Hegemony Series - Lots of logistics management, but fun once you get a secure and stable base


what can i say, i like paradox games


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  1. Rule of Rose
  2. The Cat Lady
  3. Town of Light
  4. Mount&Blade: Warband
  5. Guild Wars 2
  6. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  7. F.E.A.R.
  8. Outlast
  9. Outlast 2
  10. Resident Evil: Biohazard 
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I dont have an order or remember everything, I also don't play online games or multiplayer


Bioshock series, has to be my top series of games of all time.  I played infinite first and the gameplay and more importantly story are just phenomenal.  The ending was the first game ending that really moved me, so I played 1 and 2, then got the dlc for infinite.  Everything is just so extremely well done and outstanding.

Doom 2016, rip and tear brother.

Links awakening, played this so much the game stopped working.

Ocarina of time, played this so much but the game didn't stop working.

Driver series (minus the latest one, san fransico or whatever since I never played it) + gta4, lumping these together because they're all responsible for me dedicating hours into driving games and "openworld" gameplay.  They also helped me understand how much I enjoy running people over with cars.

Dying light, I stayed away from this one for a while because I thought it was just gonna be a generic zombie game, but while it did get kinda repetitive the gameplay was just so dang fun.  Especially in the following, which let me run over zombies with a buggy.  I thought the main game+the following's stories were also pretty good and kept me engaged.  I want dying light 2 so bad.

Wolfenstein series, starting with the reboot the new order the gameplay is just so dang fun with pretty decent stories, considering they're games about brutally killing nazis

Battlefield 3 and pretty much any war/shooter game, played so many of these I couldn't list them.  Bf3 sticks out the most to me though, I enjoyed the storyline and the gameplay was just great.  It's a shame what EA is doing to the series.  Rather, EA is a shame

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Not particular order: Some I still play, some I dont




Elder Scrolls Online

Diablo (all of them)



Destiny 1 and 2


EVE Online

Neverwinter (all of them, both online and PC)

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In no particular order:

1) Timber and Stone

2) Ultima series

3) Star Wars Galaxies

4) Fallout series - everything except 76

5) Star Citizen

6) Black Desert Online

7) Mount & Blade

8 ) Codespells

9) Street Fighter V ?

10) PUBG... ?




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7 hours ago, Alkhadias said:

2) Gothic- 1, 2 and 3.  


I'm so glad someone else listed these! :) Probably my favorite third-person RPG series, very immersive (even if combat were frustrating).


My favourite games would be hard to list, and some have already been mentioned (Gothic, Morrowind, Mount and Blade, HoMM3), but here are a few others I especially remember:


- Baldur's Gate II (incredibly immersive storyline, with many naps taken for my poor wizards; best dragon fights ever)

- Imperialism II (better than Civ! and I love hexes)

- Eador fantasy series (did I mention I love hexes)

- Kenshi (singleplayer scifi sandbox: gateway to Wurm)

- Panzer General I - III, Pacific General (tanks blasting stuff on hexes to the sound of John Philips Sousa, it really doesn't get any better)

- Test Drive III (open world driving game, from the olden days)

- Boulder Dash series (-really- old days, we're talking IBM PC Junior and 16 color graphics here)

- Lode Runner series (also ancient)

- Might and Magic 6 (huge open world with terrifying dungeons full of eyes and a great alchemy system)

- Space Rangers series (a galaxy that moves on with or without you, with great loot/equipment/ship system and interesting combat)

- Master of Orion II (need I say more?)

- Legend of Grimrock series (very well done puzzle/RPG game)

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Games I have enjoyed recently and in the past (also in no particular order):



-Dark Souls 2 (Soon will be playing Dark Souls 3)




-Path of Exile

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