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Xanadu | Tridents Edge | Active Sermons - Q25

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Welcome to Tridents Edge!


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Location - Q25




Welcome to Tridents Edge! We are a group of 10+ players currently building an incredibly large starter deed! We want to help new players get situated to the game and create an organized deed specializing in nightly sermons, bulk item orders, and large community events. We are looking for players who are newer to the game and have a dedicated task that would like to accomplish. Our players are on nightly starting at 5:30 PM PST (UTC -8). We are really needing a dedicated blacksmith to join our ranks!



Why Choose Tridents Edge?

  • Active player base and consistently growing
  • Plenty of land and roles for constant expansion
  • Organized roles, permissions, and deed "to-do" lists
  • Management online nightly to assist in tasks and answer questions

Where Are We Located?

  • We are located on Xanadu at Q25. The island very large and we are in the progress of making even more expansion and planning!


What does your deed look like?

We are currently growing our collection of photos! Included below are the current ones available.



Our Church



Our Workshop | Work In Progress



Our Black Smithing Area



Our Food Prep Area




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