Which files are needed on a dedicated server for changes?

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So, I've found a LOT of tutorials, but not one that tells me which files I need to upload to the server. I know that I need to download them from my host, edit them with the Wurm Dedicated Server Tool, but then which files actually need to be reuploaded? 


There are more files in that folder than on the actual server, and I've tried just uploading everything, and it doesn't want to run, and obviously not every single file needs to be uploaded just to change the configs, but none of the tutorials (or the wiki) point to the file(s) that need to be reuploaded back to the server (unless I just missed it).  So what specific file(s) need to be uploaded back to the dedicated server to have the changes take effect?

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If you host your game on a gamehoster, you should have a config page, all changes that you make there are just a simple way to edit the database files.

To change the databases manually, you just need the SQLite Tool.


In your case now, you just need to upload the SQLite-folder within the mapname that you are playing


add: if you changed the settings from the wurm.ini file, you also need to upload it to take effekt, its stored in the server main folder

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By "Wurm Dedicated Server Tool" you mean the config window that appears to start up the server where you configure the servers options, these are stored in the database for the map and that the files you want.


DOhhhhhh must read all previous posts before replying, what a n00b.

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