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Hitch Cart

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There is a mod where you can hitch all creatures, but i dont know if it works with this wurm version

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I assume the one you want is BDew's "Hitch Limits"





Hitching Limits

  • Allows control over what animals can be hitched to carts/wagons
  • Change settings to allow older non-domestic animals to be hitched, including greenish/champions.
  • Change settings to allow weaker animals to be hitched (Want to feel like Cinderella? get a mice rat-powered cart!)
  • Everything is configurable. Default config matches vanilla settings.
  • Example modified config here: 

Download and source code:




Under the PROPERTIES it has an option to  "Prevent previous pets from getting unhitched when new pet is tamed/charmed/etc."   


It has not been updated in a while, but I haven't heard of it not working because of this...

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Also when tamed they can be.

Bears need to be young or adolescent

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