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Would like to see more decorative options. a few idea's...

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Well as the subject title reads, I would personally love to see more options and ways in which to decorate our deeds.  I have a couple idea's along those lines.


1. One idea would actually be a way for us to do more with gardening, allow more decorative plant types and ways in which to plant them.


2. An idea that I had a while back (that people had seemed to like at the time) was a way to "mine" a sort of magic, living crystal that you could then plant and cultivate, allowing people to grow crystal cluster's of differing colors and shapes. Another idea to tack onto this would be that the crystals produce light like a lamp, color's matching the crystal's and purity resulting from the crystals QL level.  Maybe with the option to leave the crystal planted in the ground(or maybe a special planter) or to "harvest and cut" them and make them into a sort of lamp post or something. could also be tied into the enchant system, allowing the crystals to be made into jewelry that could act as a personal lantern, maybe requiring a priest to "charge" them with vessel every now and then.


3. Maybe more variations of existing materials, such as more colors of marble, that could be polished to create a more luxurious polished marble type, maybe having green and black marble type's since they do exist in real life. 


4. Armor stands that actually show off the armor that's on them.


5. similar to number 2, bio luminescent plants that produce light of varying color.


6. more "evil" statue types, such as wraiths, skeletons, zombies and such

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I think we have enough funitures covering the floors of our houses, to get to the next step of a medieval tavern/home would be to get some funitures up on the walls.
Now I dont know if this is possible but it would be nice with the new "place" mechanic that some shelfs/smaller cupboards could be placed along walls same with lamps/torches to be hanged on the walls or ceilings.

With this new mechanic we could get tons of new funitures like "Battle horns, paintings, statues of dieties" etc. Without taking up more of the already crowded floors in our houses.

That would be a milestone for me if it could be done 2019 :)


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