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[Released] Coldies Compilations

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Over 10k hours in Wurm and it is safe to say even modding doesn't ticky my fancy any more, I have moved on to working on building a game as a developer now and so I will post my mod source code here in case anyone wants to look at it for examples of what and what not to do  lol

I didn't go through it so may even be some mods I never released to the public, either way, enjoy.



Safe travels and remember no matter what you do in life always remember to have a little fun while you do it 😃


Repair Tower

Ok at some stage they implemented a 20 fight skill requirement to repair guard towers in WO which then made it into WU, it's been a while anyway.

This very simple server mod removes that fight skill requirement.



original discussion was here



A few changes here.

war arrow head and arrow shaft now combine to create a war arrow that has exact ql of the arrow shaft used to create it, this action is instant but gives no skill.

new action when a strung bow is active.

Have a strung bow active and right click a mob or the target window when mob is targeted, click action 'get archery info' it will print a message in event window

[10:42:53] Distance to mob: 25 meters, ideal is 20

[10:43:23] Distance to mob: 33 meters, ideal is 40

ideal is adjusted by active bow type, long bow 80, medium 40 and short is 20.


the properties file has some adjustments the server admin can make.

#float values to adjust amount of damage done by archery (bows).


#firingspeedadjustment basically adjusting how fast the action goes. if normal shoot action is 5 seconds then 2.5f would make it 2 seconds.

#damagefactor is damage adjustment using bow when attacking any mob, 1.0 would be normal damage so 0.5 would be half normal damage.

#uniquefactor is adjusted for uniques only and is done after the damagefactor adjustment., same as other 1.0 is normal damage.


default you fit 41 arrows in a quiver, if you have more than 1 quiver it only ever uses arrows from just 1 quiver and ignores any other quiver. If you equip a backpack on your back then it will use arrows from there.

So I fixed that, now it uses arrows from any quiver in your inventory, I left it only using quivers in inventory and not backpack in inventory as I like the idea of quivers for arrows. Still will use arrows from backpack if equipped though.


*NOTE* if testing this mod keep in mind that by default the game makes a GM fire arrows as fast as you can click, so test speeds as a non GM character.

V 2.0




Simple mod really, in properties list the id/s of the stuff you want possible to combine. So with 9 listed then you will be able to combine logs into 1 big heavy log.

# log = 9, acorn = 436, cochineal = 439, woad = 440


*NOTE* it changes items to cold combine, so if you added rivets to list, even though rivets can already combine they need to be glowing hot to do so, if listed they will combine while cold.

Server log will list id and names corresponding to that id, for trouble shooting.


[04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 9 Name:log
[04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 436 Name:acorn
[04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 439 Name:cochineal
[04:51:44 PM] WARNING org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.combiner.combiner: ID: 440 Name:woad




Mob Max Count

Ok this mod lets an admin put max count values on any creatures they want, it won't remove mobs but it will stop the game autospawning those mobs higher than the value set.

This max count seems to also include GM wanded and bred creatures, so keep that in mind if you add horsies to the list.

You can add as many ids as you want, if you are really keen you can list every creature ID.

I added a txt file which has all the creature ids to the zip.




# mobid (int),max count (int) ; mobid (int),max count (int) ; mobid (int),max count (int)
# id 10 is black wolf, id 12 is brown bear
# no spaces, use comma between mobid and max count then use semicolon to seperate for next mobid and max count

creature ids in spoiler


PIG_CID = 44;
HEN_CID = 45;
BULL_CID = 49;
CALF_CID = 50;
DOG_CID = 51;
DEER_CID = 54;
FOAL_CID = 65;
KID_CID = 66;
WORG_CID = 86;
SEAL_CID = 93;
CRAB_CID = 95;
LAMB_CID = 101;
RAM_CID = 102;
RIFT_JACKAL_ONE_CID = 106;         // puppy
RIFT_JACKAL_TWO_CID = 107;         // jackal
RIFT_JACKAL_THREE_CID = 108;         // ogre
RIFT_JACKAL_FOUR_CID = 109;         // warmaster
RIFT_JACKAL_CASTER_CID = 110;        // caster
RIFT_OGRE_MAGE_CID = 111;            // ogre mage
RIFT_JACKAL_SUMMONER_CID = 112;    //summoner
FISH_CID = 119;

Creatures DB

If you have manually deleted creatures from the creatures database then you may have caused issues on your server, each creature is listed in the database several times in different places. So if you have deleted creatures manually then add this mod and when the server next starts it will go through the database and try to remove any data that is usually removed when creatures are removed properly. Afterwards you can just remove the mod, it only needs to run 1 time after you did manual deletions, of course if you manually delete again then just add mod again.




Fish Monger

New item GM can create and drop on the ground called Fishmonger.

Players bring their fish up to it and activate their fish then right click the Fishmonger and click Sell Fish.

New action on fish, have any item active and right click a fish and click Get Price, will print to event tab how much Fishmonger would pay for that fish.

Price is per kg and adjusted by properties file, also options in properties to change model of the Fishmonger.

Activate any container and get same action on fish monger, it will sell all fish directly inside that container, not inside another container inside that container.

Will spam event tab with sale of every item though.

Fishing net will now let you fish if it has fish already in the net but to a max value set in the properties file.

maxinnet = 50

If you don't like this feature you can just set that value to 2, it does the check when starting to fish with net, not as it is fishing.

Full disclosure, without that limit added you could literally have thousands of fish in the net, after many hours fishing. The game has no checks for weight or number of fish in net at all.

Also fixed the container selling of items to not spam event tab, just does total now.

#rarity adjustments

[17:39:30] The Fishmonger puts 20 copper and 83 iron into your bank for selling 24 fish.





Pretty simple really, it is all about uniques and how they are leashed to a location on the map making them hard to move around or kite to a slaying zone.

This mod removes the leashing so they will freely roam around, chase you 2000 tiles across the map and will follow you into mines with no door.



building skill mod

This mod adjusts how much carpentry skill is required to plan buildings, in the properties file is 1 simple value to adjust skillfactor this is a whole integer, so 2 or 3 or 4 etc. basically times your carp skill by this. So a 13x13 plan would normally require 52 wall + 169 tiles = 221, obviously impossible with default, make the skillfactor 6 and you could plan it at 37 skill. Extreme example obviously but that is how the factor works. Default value is set at 2, halving required skill.


Also added a factor adjustment for planning bridges, pretty much same factoring as building, 2 means doubles the skill as far as calculations go for length, also halves the minimum skill needed, ie brick needs 30 mason, 2 factor means you only need 15 mason.




Cavus Nostra

This is a few things I put together for the Cavus Nostra Server.

Properties file looks like this.


moon metal imp: set to true and this will let you imp moon metal items using steel and not the moon metal that made it.

groomall: is actually for hell horses and unicorns, giving the ability to groom them

lead unicorn: lets you lead unicorns without taming them

trait removal: adjust what the game thinks is a negative trait, so using the spell to remove bad traits will now also remove the traits listed in traitids. The default ones listed are fight fiercely, tough bugger, keen senses.




This adds a chat command /DPS (case sensitive) this will activate and deactivate the mod usage. When active if you go to your combat event window it will show the damage you do to what you are attacking with some interesting information, including the average damage over time, from when you started it with /DPS.

There is also another feature, in the properties file is minid and maxid, the creature template id's within this range will autoregen their hp back to full when it would have dropped to 0. So you could set it to say a the rat template id and put a bunch of rats in a pen, and then you can hit them constantly to get a true DPS value over a longer period of time, this will make ALL rats basically gods and never die on server though. We added a new mob that had similar values as a troll but did 0 damage, this worked well.

[10:57:29] DPS=120;you did 880 damage, which is 29335.0 * 0.03

120 is the avg damage over time

880 is the actual damage you did, everything has the exact same HP, the reason some stuff is harder to kill is their DR.

29335.0 is the actual weapon damage before DR affects it.

0.03 is the DR of what you are attacking, in this case a rift warmaster.

This is for patch 1.9



Epic Curve

Nothing to change in properties file with this 1, mod is either there or it isn't.

This will make even PVE have Epic Curve active.

*Note* After i released this mod the WU devs added an option in server settings to turn on 'Epic Settings" even for pve servers, so this mod is no longer needed.




Lead More

Nothing to change in properties, I may put in a factor but then again I might not.

This mod adds 2 to lead max for anyone, so instead of 4 you can lead 6.



Milk Reset

At some stage the wurm devs made it so cows only reset being milkable with hummid drizzle or after a server reboot, why?  NFI

This mod adds command /milk which will reset all animals that can normally be milked to be milkable, there is a set 1 hour time between uses of the command. If done early it tells you how long until it can be used. It also resets sheering ability which otherwise only resets on server reboot.

[11:08:07] Time until next reset: 45 minutes

Added 2 new things to properties file.

milkhours=1 (how many hours between command usage, its an int so whole numbers)
GMlevel=0 (GM level of who can use it, 0 for every player, int so whole numbers)



Tent Sleep

Adds ability to sleep in your tent, I mean who doesn't sleep in a tent when they go out in the woods?

You need to own the tent and it needs to be on the ground, you need an item active, it doesn't matter what item. Just right click tent, click sleep then a popup will ask if you want to sleep, same as a bed does. This will add sleep bonus same as sleeping in a bed.

Ver 3.0 allows people to drop tent on a deed they are a member of.



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Not very complex but is very very useful.

chat command /roll players loot, ie 

/roll 18 4 

then in event tab you get a message, and anyone same tile gets same message.

[11:36:44] Coldie people: 18 rolls:4 (18,6,3,12)

So you would associate numbers for the 18 players and the ones who match the print get loot.



One Tile Mining

7th August 2020 major update. v 4.5

# surfaceminechance true to enable changing the chance code.
# default server code is Math.max(0.2f, (float)mining.getKnowledge(0.0) / 200.0f);
# make sure to have a ; at end and dont use any ' or "
# if you want pure % regardless of skill its a float value so do  minecode=1.0f; for 100%  minecode=0.5f; for 50% 
surfaceminechance = true

#alters speed for mining action to use level INSIDE a mine.

#enables mining and concrete usage with just 1 tile of rock exposed
onetilehook = true

# true enables lower action on surface rock
loweraction = true


New 'lower rock to flat' action

Activate pickaxe and right click a rock tile on surface, click lower rock to flat.

This action will start to lower the 3 highest corners down to the lowest corner.

It uses your server timer settings for surface mining, so skill, ql and so on affect the time, it is rounded though to nearest second, so 2.8 would be 3.

All the usual restrictions will apply as if you were just surface mining.

The range on the action is increased to roughly 3 tiles, this allows for easier dealing with steep slopes and also ability to move to another tile when you have 100 rocks where you are standing.




Event Mod

New item only a GM can create, event portal, drop it on ground and right click it and click manage event, then tick activate and click start event. when done right click and again manage event and click end event.

Then any player can use any settlement token and that character will be teleported to the location the GM was when they activated teleporter. The player can then use token or the event teleport to return the spot where they left from.

In the properties there is also a min/max  x/y for setting a box section of map, there will be no death skill loss in this area. The server admin can change these values while server is up and running and a GM can right click any item in game and click reload event properties which will update the box while server is still running.



Updated mod so it can be used in caves as well, so if you had previous version you will need to do stuff in modsupport db when you update it.

When server is not running, so when you update the mod.

Easiest thing to do is just open up the modsupport db, on database structure tab right click ColdieEventPortals and click delete, then click write changes. Then when server starts it will remake that part of the db with the new columns.



Bounty Mod

Similar to existing bounty mods but better


new action, GM3+, right click any creature and click "Get Creature ID"  event window will print the creatures template ID.

[18:42:48] Template ID of adolescent seal is 93.


Bounties are calculated by mod Strength and DR, no need to list every single mob in properties file and any new mobs specific to server will be calculated as well.


These are the main to adjusting factors, DR factor adjusts the difference between stronger and weaker mobs, bounty multiplier affects all mobs as a factor, these are float values so can use decimals.

Amount is also split between the players involved in the slaying plus small bonus. so 5 attackers of what would normally be a bounty of 1s would be 1s/5*1.5=0.3s each instead of 1s each.

Rest of the properties is pretty self explanatory imo.

This mod requires Friya's Loot table mod.



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Dungeon mod


Ok this is pretty complex compared to the others.

There is a maximum of 10 'dungeon areas'.

Each area can cover part of map or entire map, they can overlap each other or not, it's up to you.


In each area there is a specific currency for killing stuff, the values are specific to the area, there are 3 different values, 2 of which you can specify specific mob names and the 3rd is just all other mobs. The mob names are a string search, so saying goblin will also get goblin leader. but if you do goblin leader it wont get goblins. each name is seperated by a comma  , with no comma at the end.

minibossnames2=freyja,thor,avenger,avatar,libila,Fo,Magranon,Dverger Explorer,Silverback,Goblin Scout,Hlesey Crab

There is also a new item for each area, this is a healing item, what it does is heal all wounds on another player by the specified amount, the item can't be crafted so it is only available if an admin/GM makes it available and it will only work in the area it is specified for.

There is a merchant available for a GM to create and place for players to use, this is where you spend specific currency for the area of that specific merchant. The server admin can set the model of this merchant item in the properties file.

The server admin can also specify what items are sold at that specific area merchant.

dungeon1items=Sea Lamp,659,90,25,0,0,Sea Lantern,135,90,50,0,0

the first part is a string, the name you want to have on the item, then its a number which is the item id, next is the ql of the item, next is the cost of the item in that currency,  next is rarity, 0 normal, 1 rare, 2 supreme. last I actually don't recall, i'll need to poke around and edit this later.


this is to change the colour of items sold in merchant, R,G,B values 1-255

The Server admin can change these properties values and a GM can do an action on any item called, reload dungeon properties, this will update the merchant stuff while server is running. So if you screw up some values you can fix it while game is running.


<missing image>


Ok so the players come up to the merchant in game and right click it and click buy stuff.

they can choose multiples, 1 through to 9 and then 30.


*Note* Don't give 2 items on a merchant the same name. So if you do want 30ql and 50ql of same item for different prices just use name like rift wood 30 and rift wood 50 as an example.

If an admin really really wanted they can adjust the currency of players, it is stored in the modsupport db.


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Shipping Trade Route


This mod is for people to earn coins sailing, you pick up cargo at 1 location and take it to another to drop it off and get paid.

The player needs to be commanding a ship to do the action to load and unload cargo and its saved for that ship, not the commander.

The server admin needs to actually do stuff for this mod.

GM creates an item in game called trade storage, drops it at the location you want and then right click and click activate trade storage. The Gm menu is ummm special, all the stuff in it is no longer used for anything, can basically just ignore it all and click activate trade storage unit.

You will obviously want 2 + of these and placed in different areas.

The server admin then has to open modsupport db and edit Tradeprices.


<missing image>


In this example there are 3 locations, 1 2 3 that have been placed around map. notice the 0 they are very important, matching names from id name and top name need to be 0. In this example the trip from location2 to location1 would pay 400 value, the trip from location1 back to location2 would pay 350. These values are then adjusted by the type of ship carrying the cargo.  Cargo amount is listed in properties file, ie knarr=20.

[13:59:00] You got 70 copper deposited into your bank.

[13:59:04] You got 80 copper deposited into your bank.

obviously you don't want to put the trade storage side by side like this  haha.


Things to remember, if someone loads ship into a ship transporter they can travel by land then unload at another location. So it might take 3 hours to sail around a cape but if it takes 20 mins to drive across land then some people will drive.


Ok next thing, server admin can adjust a payment to a location by a factor in the Tradelocations of modsupport db, at the very right has Adjustment, default is 1.0 server admin can lower or raise it depending on if they want 1 location to be worth more or not. So don't need to adjust all of the values in tradeprices, can just change adjustment.


<missing image>


In this pic you can also see the 'name' this will be auto filled by deed name if placed on a deed, otherwise it just says what it does in pic.


This mod isn't polished, kind of lost interest in modding at one stage and so like the GM menu has unused stuff and what not but hey only GM's see it and not the players  *shrug*


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GM Deed Maker (4.1)


Ok this mod is for a GM (power 5) to make more than 1 deed for that character.

Wave your magic wand and create some deed stakes, activate any item, stand on tile you want deed token, right click a deed stake and click make GM deed. That is all.

There are none of the normal checks, so I would hope if the GM wants to resize/rename and such they would keep in mind the normal checks for making a deed, like another deed nearby, token to close to water, buildings and so on.


Properties file has 1 option to change, the amount of gold automatically added to upkeep, it is a float value. so decimals.




so default is 50s, half of 1 gold.


This is the Beta release, I have had this running on lan with no issues, a volunteer live server has had it running for a few days, no issues have popped up yet. Putting it on a test server would be a good idea first to see if any conflicts with other mods and such.


New action: make GM Mayor.

activate any item, right click the settlement note in inventory and click, make GM mayor.

This will make you mayor of that settlement and can change all aspects of deed as usual.


---=== Auto make someone join a deed ===---

New item in game can only be created by GM with wand called "Village Welcomer", just drop it on deed. A player can then have any item active and get a new action on this "Village Welcomer" called join deed and it will add them to that deed, the only thing it checks is time between joining deeds, there is a 24 hour default time from leaving 1 deed to joining another.


In properties file 2 new entries.



You only need to change InvitorID if it conflicts with another mod item id.

Model you can change to what ever model you want, make it a dragon, a tower guard, a templar, a chair if you really want, default is just a man wearing rags. I didn't include a list of all the models, there may or may not be a public list somewhere already.

Examine on the item will read.

Activate any item, right click me and click Join Deed to join this deed.



There may be conflicts with other mods, this is because the other modders didn't check if mayor exists before using information from mayor, poor coding practices really. If you find a conflict with another mod kindly ask them to add in a check if mayor exists into their code.






Rift Event (event spawner)

new item in game called "Altar of Anubis" it acts like an altar as in you add items into it then sacrifice and the items get sent to Anubis, this increases the power of the Altar, when you get enough power you can activate the altar as such and spawn the mobs.

Default properties file is set up for rift mobs and items, there are 3 ranges of power, so people can do a lower power if they are weak or they can go all out and summon big stuff.


properties file



#new addition in v 3.0 multiple settings that can be applied to items individually using Data1.
#goes by the Data1 value of the item from 0 to 9.
#when created default value is -1 and if unchanged it will use settings for 0 anyway.

#data1 value of 0 settings
#amount of power needed 

#number of mobs in that group spawned. 

#rarity, 0 = normal, 1 = rare, 2 = supreme

#distance from Altar mobs can spawn. 
#10,10,10,10 will be an area of 21x21 which includes tile altar is on.
#don't use 0, that would be just silly.

#mob/loot ids with a , in between and no spaces. 
#as many as you want, server will just randomly pick from those listed.



Video now out dated.

3 actions for players, they can choose to spawn low, medium or high.

Changing the Data1 value (0-9) on the altar will change the settings used for that altar, corresponding to the properties file settings.

new reload config for GM, so settings can be changed while server is running.



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These are very awesome mods ?


I just cant see the pictures you included



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k i put them on an image sharing site now, see if that helps.

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all fine ty ;)


Just to ask you...if i create a shipping trade route, how many players can play this event and how often?



Edited by Eject

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all players and as often as they like.

When I first made the mod, like 2 years ago, I made it actually build up a settlement bit by bit as people did the trade route, so you could see walls add and crops and such. It was pretty cool, then the devs changed a lot of code how buildings work and broke it. After spending sooooooo many hours on that part of the code I didn't feel like doing it all again. So just left it as coinage reward. Which is why all the extra stuff in the GM menu for activating.

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can you explain what is starty endx endy in your last picture?



Edited by Eject

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that was part of the code that made buildings but since the devs broke the making buildings in that way, it now does nothing. Was just easier to leave that stuff in the db than remove it and have possible issues in the server that it was running on.

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Hello dear @Cuddles


My last question ^^

The trade storage that you can build for the routes, can they decay if they are not on deed?




add: can you extend it so, that no one can overdeed them? (like if there is a house in the way and you have no ownership)

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			com.wurmonline.server.items.ItemTemplateCreator.createItemTemplate(47101, 5, "Trade Storage", "Trades Storage", "excellent", "good", "ok", "poor", "A wooden cupboard, used to store materials for trade routes.", new short[] { 21, 40, 44, 52, 67, 51, 199 }, (short)60, (short)1, 0, 9072000L, 135, 58, 180, -10, MiscConstants.EMPTY_BYTE_PRIMITIVE_ARRAY, "model.furniture.wooden.storageunit.", 50.0F, 6500, (byte)14, 10000, true, -1);


So not loadable into any vehicle, should never take damage, won't currently stop anyone from deeding over it.

Not sure how to stop people from deeding over it, maybe look at building checks I guess. Probably wouldn't be easy. maybe do GM protect of the tiles near it?



I just deeded so it would show up on web site maps, making alts to deed is always a pain though, someone should make a mod so GM's can have many deeds  haha


double edit:

Can always just throw up a 1 tile GM building 99ql next to the storage unit and call it something to help identify where you are on map?

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6 hours ago, Cuddles said:

So not loadable into any vehicle, should never take damage

Wonderful :)


6 hours ago, Cuddles said:

someone should make a mod so GM's can have many deeds  haha

you´re soo right hehe ;)



6 hours ago, Cuddles said:

Can always just throw up a 1 tile GM building 99ql next to the storage unit and call it something to help identify where you are on map

This is also a good idea, i havent thought on that ^^


Thank you mate

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ok just found something with the trade storage unit, players can't load them but for some reason they can be picked up.

As GM easy fix is activate wand, right click storage, item -> manage restrictions,  then tick no take.

I'll look at changing it by default, worst comes to worst I can make it weigh 200,000kg but then even GM can't pick it up to move it.



Ok added in type 31 to the item, which is no take. files updated, so just get the new files and all existing and new trade storage units will be no take.

Edited by Cuddles

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ok serious question time, if you did want a mod for a GM to make multiple deeds. what features would you want?


At the moment I have it making as many as I want really, the GM leaves previous deed and creates new 1 in 1 action.

This does mean there is no longer a mayor for old deed though but you keep the settlement note in inventory and can change settings as if you were mayor still. size, guards pretty much anything.

You cannot change name of an old deed though.

At the moment I don't have the millions of checks it does, like near another deed, near water and junk, so it can be made anywhere but if you want to resize it wont let you.


So give me thoughts and ideas on this subject,  thanks.



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conversations I have had with people on this subject so far has all been around that purely having the deeds without needing alts is all they need. Be it for trade route mod, making outposts, dungeon/event areas. 

So they say as long as they can make deed, change name, do perms, resize and then never have to touch it again they would be happy.

Currently I am testing the deed upkeep and such.


Possible issues that may arise are to do with there not actually being any mayor associated with the deeds anymore, to be honest only time will tell if that makes any issues appear. I am thinking like the web site map that lists mayor names and such.


Would still like more feed back from others on this too.

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20 hours ago, Cuddles said:

ok serious question time, if you did want a mod for a GM to make multiple deeds. what features would you want?

Since we'd be using this to create public areas, such as Events lands, it would be great if they could have some way of not needing upkeep, even on a server with upkeep enabled. Is this even possible?  We don't want to have to make all our event areas spawn points, just to get around the need for upkeep. Our current solution is to just spawn gold and prepay for years to come.


Also, it would be good to be able to configure what GM levels are allowed to create multiple deeds.  If not configurable, then only Level 5.


Other than that, I think just being able to found multiple deeds would be such a great thing that it will take time to get the stars out of my eyes and actually think of tweaks for it. Lol


EDIT:  Having the option of changing settings/permissions on individual deeds or on ALL deeds at once would be fantastic.

Edited by Batta
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yeah properties to change the GM level is easy enough, I would probably add a check for what input admin does though, probably like 3 - 5 as a range.


So far in my testing it doesn't have upkeep at all for these deeds, I need to leave a test server running for a couple days though I would say to test that properly but so far hasn't been an issue.


A little youtube of the basics working.



Edit: Ewww Forum changed it down to 360p quality for some reason, so can't really read texts but I will leave it up anyway as it does show the general basics working, and you can hear my lovely voice explaining stuff anyway. Can always open it up in it's own webby page for better quality

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Haven't had any issues on my lan, a server host has volunteered to throw it on their live server for testing, will see how it goes but no issues yet.

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Lots of cool mods Coldie! :D


Bit of an odd request but could you please look into making or fixing a mod? I've been using Sindusk's server tweaks to make libila priests able to work together with other priests and kingdoms on a freedom server. Everything works except mycelium absorbtion, but Sindusk isn't updating anymore.



#allowFreedomMyceliumAbsorb: Libila followers on a freedom server cannot absorb mycelium to heal, despite being a valid Libila follower. # Enabling this fix will allow Libila followers to properly absorb mycelium to heal on any server. allowFreedomMyceliumAbsorb=true


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"Since we'd be using this to create public areas, such as Events lands, it would be great if they could have some way of not needing upkeep, even on a server with upkeep enabled. Is this even possible?"


Set the deed to permanent deed and it does not need upkeep. That is part of the default server options. 

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Deeds set to permanent become spawn points, which is what we want to avoid.


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ok been testing upkeep.

Making it perm gives it 336 days upkeep but yes it also becomes a spawn location for anyone.

Could look at making mod add like 5g (maybe properties option for amount) to deed upkeep when created, that should cover pretty much any size you could want, then you won't need to remember to just create some coin and add to upkeep.

I think main issue I have at the moment is with mods that auto-disband deeds, I think that mod needs a 'ignore list' so it doesn't disband deeds you don't want it to disband.


@Hippiedruidsorry man I have no intention to fix Sinducks broken mods, isn't he a wurm dev now?


Edit:  yeah adding upkeep was a snap, have it set to 1g atm

"The upkeep will last approximately 2800 days more." for 11 x 11

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