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Looking for new company of Wurmians - Joined - PLEASE DELETE

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First hello to everyone specially to the mayors, kings etc. of  deeds on Xanadu.


Im looking for new deed to land on after my friends have quit the game. 


Something about me:

1a. In game character: Paulb

1b. current game location: Xanadu, N-9 lake shore

2. Country of origin: Czech republic

3. Timezone: UTC+1

4. Languages: Czech, English (avarage), German (very good)

5. SkillsdumpNarja

6.Interests: RP! (not tried yet in ENG), Fishing,  Fantasy books


I am few yers in Wurm with breaks. Never played hard grinding gamestale. I love the community so it was mostly about the people, chat with them. To find new people around the world. My actual character is second one in Wurm so the skills are not very high but i didnt evet thought about high end skills. 


What can i offer:

1. Few skills like in link above.

2. 1-3h / day , more on weekind of my presence and work.

3. Willing to do even just support work.

4. Myself! Its not much lol yet nothing more i can offer. 


What i am looking for:

1. I would like to find deed with decent amount of active players (not requested. im willing to help with new projects to!)

2. I would like to try bit of RP (not REQ).

3. Deed with natural (logical look). The buildings setup and the locality look naturals and ist build not  "practical".

4. Near water source ( just like the scenary so its not REQ)

5. Would like the main job to stay in smithing where i would like to improve so if you have smith that is looking for apprentice or help with basic stuff im here for you! 


You believe i could help you in your projects? Or do i fit to your gamestyle? Please PM me here or on Paulb i.g.


(sorry for bad grammare) 




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