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Has an honor, to enounce a new alliance forming on Xanadu lands!


Lunar Order and its Academy Council has decided to form a new alliance and gather secular bannermen deeds under the Sigil of the Order! To share common goals, values and good wurming spirit.


Main purpose of the alliance is the same as shares our humble Academy. So, to help fresh souls and fresh deeds, get on their own and stick to the game. Not every new player wants to join already existing deed, we all understand it and we all support self suficient and all tries of do things on your own. However, being in alliance might help everyone, even lonewolves. By sharing common, Alliance chat, as a new player on your very own lands you can still ask us about everything, you can cooperate with Lunar Order and Orders Academy, by exchanging needed goods, or helping each other in together works. We, as the Order would also offer to everyone any help and informations from first hand about any Alliance events and ongoing works or plans. 

What are adventages of alliance?

  • You just started your deed and need some informations? Ask in Alliance chat, everyone, especially our older members will share any needed info, or will point you where to find it!
  • You're still a fresh player, but you already stuck on more advanced step of your projects? Need mats? Coins? Use alliance chat to exchange, buy or sell goods you need!
  • You decided that afterall you need some help with labor on your deed? Ask in Alliance, perhaps other will be willing to help on your place, perhaps one day you'll help others the same way!
  • Trading is your thing? Alliance is your first marketplace, where most likely you'll find best and fastest ways to deal with people you already know!


Lunar Alliance invites all Xanadu deeds and their Lords, Mayor and citizens, members, everyone. Not only new players, but also trusted veterans and returning players that shares same values as we do. You like helping others? Especially fresh souls? This is also alliance for you. You like helping new players, but also enjoy some advanced gameplay and trade with old veterans? It is also- place for you. Wanna go hunt or for Rift together? Lunar Order military members can't wait to see another battle along your side!


Alliance Rules:

  1. We are not aiming to be the biggest Alliance on Xanadu. We value quality over quantity.
    - So if your reputation or your name flows through all dramas all over again, and you're a type of: complainer, feeling entitled for everything or just against everything and everyone- it's not place for you.
  2. Joining Lunar Alliance doesn't makes you Lunar Order's member.
    Actually the only members of the Order are advanced military members in our Academy.
  3. There might be a chance to become Honorouble Knight or Academy Friend!
  4. We won't tolerate any toxic behaviors nor allies.
    Any actions that might bring Order's name a shame- are the same as breaking the faith with the Order and other allies. Will be punished with immediate excluding persons/ deeds responsible for those actions.
  5. Any tries of cheating, scamming will be punished the same manner as above
  6. Mayors are responsible for members of own deeds.
  7. For now, everyone who wants to become Lunar Bannerman should post in topic, PM me or Nargaroth to arrange the meeting!


So, call the Banners! Lunar Order together with secular allied members will help defendless and keep Xanadu lands safe and prospering in peace. Together, we are Legion!

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Posted (edited)

Lunar Alliance deeds:

  • Lunar Order lands:
    Moonlight Castle- Capitol- Mayor: Alkhadias
    Lunar Order Academy- Mayor: Akefalos (Alkhadias alt)
    Lunar Order Harbor- Mayor: Amarenaguy (Alkhadias alt)
  • Secular lands and Bannermans:
    Falcetto-  Mayor: Luttuosa
    Dominio Do Dragao- Mayor: Evzenblade

Important Links:



Lunar Order and Academy -> 


Lunar Alliance Trading/ services:



Lunar Order Armory ->


Luttuosa/ Davih shop ->

Luttuosa/ Davih Horses ->

Luttuosa/ Davih WTB post ->



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*Lunar Alliance News*


  • Evzenblade, his villagers and deed of Dominio Do Dragao has joined our alliance!

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